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Jul 14, 2020
Community games used to happen once every two weeks on java, with full turnout every time and plans to expand to bedrock. What's happened since then? Community games have essentially just gone extinct.

Bring them back with events for both bedrock and java. Younsico doesn't have to host all of them himself, there are in the double digits of staff who should be trustworthy enough and enough of them that there is guaranteed to be someone with enough time.


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Nov 15, 2016
I guess with ECOs, it's not exactly necessary for there to be an official-official community games anymore.

When they were still around, it was a bit of a hassle to organize and run perfectly. They were announced on the forums, but that also meant some people may have missed out because they don't check here so often. Then there were the occasional issues (rarely in my experience), where there would be too many people to fit any parties that could join the games. You'd also have to deal with the occasional person who would come into the call to scream or something. It just makes more sense for something like it to outsourced to ECOs now. Though if they ever do bring it back, I wouldn't mind. They were fun, sometimes awkward, but mostly fun.


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Jul 14, 2020
A lot of people have been talking about hosting on ECOs and that should be the replacement.

ECOs are external community servers run by community members. Not all of these servers run events at all, and even the ones that do not offer the flexibility and ease of access that hosting one on cube would since cube is just so much bigger. Not only this, but often ECO communities will only run events on select gamemodes, like eggwars and skywars, while the contestants are often high skilled tryhards.

This also does not remove the major flaw of the fact that cubecraft cannot ensure any level of player safety. Cubecraft says that this is the purpose of the ECO system but as seen from previous events, this cannot be entirely ensured. I know that I personally am not comfortable with cube telling everyone to go to other servers where they will see and receive lots of unpleasant behaviour and illegal content. I know not all ECOs are like this, but it is not worth the risk for something that cube has proven in the past they are capable of running themselves.


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May 13, 2014
Hello Kitsune, thanks for the suggestion.

Just as an insight to why community games have been gone for a bit - I was the only person holding these events and as I have to balance CubeCraft work on the product side as well as the community side, alongside being a full time student, I often find myself spending my weekends catching up on university content, which is when these events were hosted.

I apologise for the lack of community games, and I will be more than happy to go back to the regularly scheduled events come the end of my exams as I have planned. I'll also be giving other staff members the ability to host them alongside me on the off-chance that I am inactive for a couple of weeks. I know of who I would like to contact, just need to organise and help them sort out the logistics of it all.

Marking as planned, and locking the thread. Thanks for your patience with this.
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