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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jonagamer13, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Hello everyone, Jonagamer13 here, and as you might have guessed, I have some suggestions for the PvP server and Super Craft Bros.
    First off, I'd like to discuss some problems I've seen with the 1v1 Duels. I played some Custom Kit duels with other people's kits, and I found that some people have been making kits that give them an unfair advantage, like a bow with explosive arrows hidden in their inventory, or a blindness effect that they avoid by toggling perspective. These are cheap tricks, and it's not fair to the other player. I wish there was a way to fix this.
    Also, the FFA KitPvP could use some changes. I find it boring to have only 5 kits to choose from; there should be more. Here are a few ideas to help get started:
    Pyro (Normal Mode) - Orange dyed Leather Armor [Fire Protection 1, Unbreaking 3], Gold Sword [Sharpness 1, Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 3], and Speed 1. (Fire aspect enchantment could be replaced with Flint and Steel if wanted)
    Flamethrower (OP Mode) - Gold Armor [Protection 2, Unbreaking 3], Iron Sword [Sharpness 1, Fire Aspect 2], and Speed 1.
    Rabbit (Normal Mode) - White dyed Leather Armor [Unbreaking 3], Carrot [Sharpness 3], Speed 1, and Jump Boost 2.
    Killer Rabbit (OP Mode) - Iron Helmet and Boots, White dyed Leather Tunic and Pants [Protection 2, Unbreaking 3], Carrot [Sharpness 4],
    Speed 1, and Jump Boost 2.
    In addition, there isn't a plugin that prevents kit items from breaking, nor is there a chest that I can buy more soups from, so I can only get so many kills before I run out of soup or sword/armor durability.
    Next, I'll talk about some issues with Super Craft Bros. The kits are okay, they're pretty fair, but there's one in particular that's like the Meta Knight of Super Craft Bros - the Skeleton. It has a bow ability that lets it shoot several arrows at once. Most players will rely way too much on this ability, repeating a pattern of using it and then double jumping away until it recharges again. I think this ability should be nerfed some, like making the ability shoot fewer arrows, or increasing the cooldown time.
    Anyway, that's all the suggestions I have for these games. This is a good server, and I hope these changes will make it even better.
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    If you don't like these exploits in custom kits, then don't do these custom kit challenges.

    However, the FFA suggestions are good. However, the OP rabbit kit is very underpowered. Try making the carrot have much higher sharpness and/or increasing protection on the armor.

    I also like nerf in the Skeleton ability I'm addition to removing the cooldown in that game. The zombie and cactus kits suffered greatly because of this, and it causes bow kits to be far too overpowered.