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Jun 19, 2021
Alright, so... I know this has been asked a few times, but I feel like putting a new twist to prisons that is different from the typical prisons would be phenomenal. As you know, the prison game mode has always been a blast for hundreds of thousands of people and as unpopular as it has been recently, I feel like putting your own new twist on it would make a great fit for the network of CubeCraft! I don't really have any specific ideas for a prison type for you all (the Development Team), but I will say that it would be quite nice to see something as a change of pace from the PVP aspect of Cube Craft. Maybe try using Prison as a way to get a bit more of a PVE experience? Can't always only have PVP gamemodes. Now, I do know there are a few PVE gamemodes already on Cube Craft, but there aren't many people playing them which cancels those options out.

In short, I feel like adding Prisons would make a very great addition to both Bedrock and Java. Now, if you'd like to, you can make Prisons free on Bedrock to allow a larger playerbase than you already have on there because most Prison gamemodes on featured servers; if not, all of them, are requiring payment to play them.
Mar 3, 2021
seeing how skyblock was made, I would love to see this. Skyblock is my number 1 but if I want to play something else I would chose prisons.


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Feb 12, 2020
Am I really the only one not that has never heart over a “prison” mini game?
Prison is basically a grinding gamemode, where you have to mine blocks and sell them to a shop to gain money and level up from A-Z, once you have reached Z you can unlocked prestiges, with a freeworld as soon as you unlocked one of the prestiges. (In the most cases, there are 25 prestiges out of my head).
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Apr 16, 2020
This is a really underrated suggestion (or at least any suggestion related to adding prisons), in my opinion. It's a grinding game that I used to spend my entire days on before, and I had absolutely loved it. The only game where you can grind on CubeCraft is skyblock, and for people like me who have problems with skyblock and don't prefer it very much, this would be an insane addition.

It needs a LOT of time and effort from the development team, don't get me wrong. There are so many things to account for in prisons, and trying to make it unique would be the cherry on top. But prisons is easily one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, game on other servers.

I believe CubeCraft is really in need of a grinding game like this. It will be something players like me can get attached and addicted to. Currently, the games on CubeCraft are... repetitive. Not boring, just repetitive. There is nothing I feel like I can aim for. You can aim for the leaderboards. You can aim to get all the achievements. You can aim to get all the upgrades with your points. But you cannot have a grinding ambition that simultaneously competes with those of other players. It opens up so many unique play styles and strategies to grind.

Ultimately a yes from me, this is the exact kind of game CubeCraft needs in my opinion. Doesn't need to be prisons, just a unique grinding game players can get attached to. But prisons is also one of my personal favorites, so it gets my full support.
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