Minecraft PC IP: play.cubecraft.net

Posting Just in Case (In reference to PaulaNuro)

Nov 11, 2016
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Oct 17, 2016
I’m really not sure under what you would report that... my first guess would be trolling but that doesn’t seem right since you might just like those voting options. If they would ban for trolling and you got disconnected most of the time (staff can see your logs) they will unban/remove the warning. You have nothing to worry about if what you’re saying is true.

Just one quick note, the screenshot proves you have bad wifi but not that your connection to Cubecraft is bad.
“Real” proof could be obtained by running the command ping play.Cubecraft.net in cmd and taking a screenshot of the summary at the end
It will look like this:

I asked for confirmation for my “theory” on discord. I will edit this message once I have it.
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Nov 21, 2015
You could potentially report under bullying, but staff seem to not care about whatever Paula says. I tried reporting at some point when they incited the whole solo lobby (multiple times) to team on me because I was "hacking" (I just killed them) and then leaving the game.

Paula's not going to be able to report you for anything @Christopherson33 and it's a shame that they have been allowed to continue being such a negative presence on this server.
Nov 21, 2015
We do not have the bullying option anymore, so it would fall under swearing
That sounds like an exceptionally poor choice... Definitely gives the appearance that Cubecraft doesn't want to stand up to bullying.

This server already has a growing toxicity problem. Either the admins need to do something about it or it's going to get worse. It's already chasing a lot of the EggWars community away. This just looks like a PR fiasco waiting to happen.
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