Poll to remove god apples from kitpvp 3

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Should god apples be removed from kitpvp 3? [Please read thread before voting]

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

  3. No, but leave them with only 1 god apple, instead of 5.

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    Before you start spamming the no option, this is for Kitpvp 3 only! I have no issue with them in 2 or 1.
    The only reason that i'm suggesting this is because everybody spawns in with 5 god apples. Seems fair, right?
    Well, yes it is fair, but most kits are very underpowered when faced with one another. What i mean by this is that most kits give things like gold, chain, wood/leather items, which break very easily. Plus, have you ever tried to kill a player with 5 god apples and in a set of armour? I have, and it's really hard! The only chance of killing somebody is if they're out of gapples, and by that time, their armour is broken, your sword broke 15 minutes ago, and the loot comes down to rags of steak and arrows. It is so difficult to kill other players because of the number of god apples that they get, and their items that you set out to take from them in the first place break in the process of spamming your sword at them!
    Because of this, i think that god apples should be removed from every kit in kitpvp 3 so that you can only buy them from the shop. Besides, who actually uses that shop anyways? It gives you a sharpness II sword and some protection II armour; the tank kit alone gives better than that, and you don't have to pay for it!
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