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Aug 27, 2017
This is a repost with my old suggestion here. This is to be in line with the new suggestions system.

Hello everyone!

I've gathered you all here today to once again bring up a topic that I know has already been discussed many times before because it honestly is something that many players find frustrating. I think that Play Again/Auto Mode buttons should really be implemented for Duels as it would make the lives of our beloved PvP players a lot easier.

Here's one of the threads with the same topic: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/playagain-automode-for-duels.219950/#post-1091579

The thread above got escalated over a year ago but never really went anywhere. There were also a few other threads that have been made along side this one with the same goal.

A lot of people have different opinions about this, the main one being that there may not be that many players playing at the moment and therefore you'd probably have to wait a bit until you can duel someone again, but honestly there's absolutely no harm in waiting in the lobby for a few seconds every so often or alone in the PvP arena until your opponent joins.

I think it’d be ideal to have this because I know that a lot of people are still annoyed at the fact that they have to waste that extra time walking to the NPC when there could just be a simple solution to this, it's really such an easy fix.

I've added some pros and cons to implementing this feature.

• More players will probably start playing PvP Duels since everything will be much more convenient.

• Players will not have to continue walking to the NPC and selecting kits every time throughout matches, which has annoyed many players already, so this issue would be resolved.

• If there was an Auto Mode, it could be setup with randomized kits, this could have a chance at making finding opponents easier, since it would pair up two players faster.

• There might be a bit of a waiting time throughout matches because of the lack of players but this really isn't that much of an issue since players don't mind waiting anyway.

• It's a new change that people will have to get used to (but in my opinion it's a good change).

Questions you might have:

* What if it looks messy?

• There could be a rematch button as well, that looks like this with all of the other buttons all together: This will prevent the layout of the message from looking messy. The way this rematch button would work is if both players click rematch, they will rematch.

I really don't see why this shouldn't be added since most of the other games already have this as an option.

I'd like to see your thoughts on this - all kinds of ideas are welcome!

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

- Meiske

EDIT: Creds to @Lozora for the idea for pros and cons.

I'd appreciate it if you could react with the following reactions:

:agree: You agree with my suggestion

:unsure: You are unsure about my suggestion

:disagree: You disagree with my suggestion

If there's anything else you'd like to add, feel free to do so in a response to this thread.


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Jul 2, 2017
the agency
One thing I'd just like to put out there is there'd probably have to be a little bit of tweaking to the queue system because two players both hitting play again would just match with each other over and over again, which at peak times isn't something I'd really like to happen.

That said it might not turn out to be that big of an issue, and I definitely agree overall


Jun 15, 2020
I agree with this suggestion, duels are usually a game i don't just play 1 of and going into the lobby is annoying. The rematch feature within the play again is a smart idea, i like it :) +1
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