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Parkour Suggestions..


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Oct 20, 2013
Hi, so I think parkour should have a larger variety of categories.

New Categories
  • Dropper
  • Mazes
  • Detail (I know its already implemented but I'd like to add some of my parkours to it)
  • Adventure Parkour/Story - For people who like to read a story while they jump (I know theres already adventure, but its old and in my opinion, could be a lot better.
New Spawn

The current spawn is a bit dated, it would be nice to freshen it up, considering parkour is one of the most popular servers



  • Complete 50 easy unique parkours - Earn 500 points
  • Complete a parkour under 20 seconds - Earn 30 points

Please add any of your suggestions/ideas/feedback in response to this thread :)
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