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    This is an updated and extended version of the staff history thread by Commissioned. The goal of the thread is to document the changes of the staff team since the servers conception. Feel free to post any staff members who have not been added yet.

    The current list of staff members.

    Camezonda (Product Manager)
    Efcluke94 (Director of Content)
    GingerGeek (Director of Technology)
    John Coles (Director of Production)
    marcoslater (Director of Infrastructure)
    rubik_cube_man (Director of Development)

    AnimalTamer1 (Staff Manager)



    Senior Moderator



    Efcluke94 (Director of Content)

    andyschofie - @andyschofie
    Camezonda - @Camezonda
    CubeCraft - @CubeCraft
    Efcluke94 - @Efcluke94
    GingerGeek - @GingerGeek
    hub3rt - @hub3rt
    Joe Henry - @Joe Henry
    johncoles - @johncoles
    marcoslater - @marcoslater
    Quetzi - @Quetzi
    rubik_cube_man - @rubik_cube_man

    AnimalTamer1 - @AnimalTamer1
    Charlotte P. - @Charlotte P.
    Dean_Warner_1995 - @Dean_Warner_1995
    caliocean - @Oceanical
    divvy1 - @Divvy1
    Exciting_pancake - @Exciting_pancake
    jinjo90 - @Jinjo
    Maccredin - @Mac
    General_Claudia - @ModernRevolution
    musemat - @musemat
    LaserDolphin77 - @LaserDolphin77
    Lukey_dude - @Kule
    OrangeGE - @OrangeGE
    PinkStr3ak - @PinkStr3ak
    Roroyourboat_ - @Rororoyourboat
    Saradabaschi - @Saradabaschi
    SGTkuzey - @SGTkuzey
    StorySays - @StorySays
    Tacosbefriends - @Tacosbefriends

    101_son - @101_son
    504Errors - @504Errors
    Berty42 - @Berty
    Djekko_ - @Djekko_
    driima - @driima
    ellisvlad - @ellisvlad
    Foodyling - @Foodyling
    Gitlab - @GitLab
    Mindgamesnl - @Mindgamesnl
    Mintcraftian - @Mintcraftian
    Nyaruko - @Nyaruko
    libraryaddict - @libraryaddict
    Octobyte - account removed
    Palombo - @Palombo
    RDev_ - @RDev_
    theminecoder - @theminecoder
    Vaxuite - @Vaxuite

    Junior Developer
    CaptainDawg_ - @CaptainDawg_
    not2excel - @not2excel
    error_dan_overflow - @Dan:

    lili - @lili.

    Graphic Designer
    AirArt - @AIRArt
    ThijsBeertje - @ThijsBeertje

    Senior Moderator
    CapitanGato - @Capitan
    Cheez - @Cheez
    CyanYellow - @Cyan
    Dai_Matsumoto - @Dai_Matsumoto
    Diogo - @Diogo
    dwayne - @dwayne
    iLoveYouu - account removed
    Iselciour - @Iselciour
    ImABubbleHead - @ImABubbleHead
    Moooofin - @Moooofin
    SevereWarning - @SevereWarning
    Snodia - @Snodia
    Soph - @Soph
    Stefanvld - @Stefanvld
    Younisco - @Younisco
    zDutchie - @zDutchie
    zRinne - @zRinne

    Aimee2323 - @Aimee2323
    ApoloCEA - @Apolo Ptolomeo
    Anmaziing - @Anmazing
    AquaaXx - @AquaaXx
    Basketman - @Basketman
    beau2000 - @Beau2000
    Bob_The_Giraffe - @Bob_the_Giraffe
    Brian_321 - @Brian_321
    BrokenAyzer - @Clacks
    Buuuddy - @Buuuddy
    CARDAN18 - @CARDAN18
    Catzilla24 - @Catzilla24
    ChaosConjurer - @ChaosConjurer
    6Godly - @cocai
    cubs909 - @Cubss
    Cynamooo - @Cynamooo
    DamoTheSavage - @DamoTheSavage
    Deestinyer - @Deestinyer
    sealgoesowowow - @Driii (Undxrland)
    DontYouDare - account removed
    Eclipse1314 - @Eclipse1314
    Elenahh - @Elenahh
    ElPtricko - @ElPtricko
    FadedRoses - @Reddog37
    FalseHonesty - @FalseHonesty
    Fluffys_gurl - @FluffyRoses
    MadGab210 - @MadGab210
    gedas001 - @gedas001
    Guardi4n - account removed
    HackersDontWin - @HackersDontWin
    Minimoeesha - @Hallucinated
    HectorLalo - @HectorLalo
    IceScreams - @Scream
    ItsDavey - @ItsDavey_
    JaiStrixZ - @JaiStrixZ
    JesperGeakko - @Jeppie
    Josh_Sturgeon - @Josh_Sturgeon
    Kloska - @Kloska
    LanceDaniels - @LanceDaniels
    Lezappen - @Lezappen
    LowFat - @LowFat
    LucianYOLO - @TheLucian
    Marieke2001 - @Marieke2001
    Nikoshka - @Nikoshka
    Orangeric88 - @Orangeric88
    Parvati12 - @Parvati12
    Paraleea - @Paraleea
    PinkSparkleWolf - @PinkSparkleWolf
    Power_Ranger - @Power Ranger
    RubenoMe - @Ruben
    Sccottyyy - @Sccottyyy
    SerketSyndrome - @Serk
    Sevenade78 - @Sevenade78
    Skifby - @skifby
    Soeshi - @Soeshi
    SuperxSnap - @Sophie
    tahatii - @tahatii
    telegamer - @telegamer
    Terrarialover11 - @Terrarialover11
    TheAdventurerMM - @TheAdventurerMM
    TheBrownster904 - @TheBrownster
    TheZigbot9000 - @TheZigbot9000
    ThijsBeertje - @ThijsBeertje
    Unfearful - account removed
    Unipotato - account removed
    Unstitched - @Unstitched
    Verdag - @Verdag
    Volkom_ - @Volkom_
    Warriors1976 - @warriors1976
    WolfWhisperer12 - @WolfWhispers
    XiiKa - @XiiKa
    Yittamonkey - @Yittamonkey
    Zombiepower - @Zombiepower

    1212hawks_ - @1212hawks_
    CamelinaBoat - @CamelinaBoat
    KidBit (Sentrix__) - @KidBit
    Gainfullterror - @Gainfullterror
    HackersDontWin - @HackersDontWin
    Jackelele - account removed
    LilNugget - @LilNugget

    Alex_De_Grote - @Alex_de_Grote
    Azrealon - @Azrealon
    Blocky12 - @Blocky
    Bugme - @Bugme
    Crisgatito - @crisgatito
    Dronade - @Dronade
    Dylaila - @Dylaila
    Ercraft2 - @Ercraft2
    ExtendedHorizons - @ExtendedHorizons
    FireExcalibur10 - @FireExcalibur10
    HuracanFTW - @HuracanFTW
    Kats_XD - @Kats_XD
    Killerkwile - account removed
    MartijnMC - @MartijnMC
    Max111D - @Max111D.
    Miscreation954 - @Miscreation954
    mitgobla - @mitgobla
    MrPolymath - @MrPolymath
    ObliviousPanda - @ObliviousPanda
    PocketLord - @PocketLord
    ReindeerClark - @Reindeer // Paige
    Robbedz - @Robbedz
    0mega - @0mega
    SanCookie - @SanCookie
    seat_belt - @seat_belt
    Soulless_Unity - @Soulless_Unity
    Squity - @Squity
    SunshineChick - @SunLord
    Teovolicane - @TeoVolcano
    TheJeroen - @TheJeroen
    Trentu - @Trentu
    TlmeLord - @TlmeLord
    Undead - @Undead
    Unstrafeless - @Unstrafeless
    Yoyamin - @Yoyamin

    Parkour Builder
    johnyestaloca - @johnyestaloca
    KemoGamer - @KemoGamer
    Noodles77 - @Noodles77

    Total of 186 staff members

    A comprehensive timeline of when the staff received their ranks and when they parted from the team.


    marcoslater Member -> Owner
    PL4YER5 Member -> Administrator -> Member
    Divvy1 Member -> Moderator
    Minimooesha Member -> Moderator
    musemat Member -> Administrator, Head Builder
    SGTkuzey Member -> Administrator
    Dai_Matsumoto Member -> Moderator
    Lukey_dude Member -> Moderator
    Efcluke94 Member -> Builder
    DatAwesomeLegend Member -> Moderator- > Member
    killtheduck5 Member -> Moderator -> Member
    minecraftboy108 Member -> Moderator -> Member
    Littlelaw10 Member -> Builder -> Member
    Backstep10 Member -> Builder -> Member
    Pandias Member -> Moderator -> Member
    rhinoscooter1 Member -> Moderator -> Member
    sniper5432 Member -> Moderator -> Member
    TetrisDCracker Member -> Moderator -> Member
    bubblewibble Member -> Builder -> Member
    Kats_XD Member -> Builder -> Member
    Bromvahlock Member -> Builder -> Member
    LaserDolphin77 Member -> Administrator
    AirArt Member -> Graphic Designer
    buttercommander Member -> Moderator -> Member

    November 14th
    jinjo90 Member -> Moderator

    December 15th
    Divvy1 Moderator -> Administrator
    Minimoeesha Moderator -> Administrator

    December 16th
    Catzilla Member -> Moderator
    jinjo90 Moderator -> Administrator

    December 22nd
    Dean_Warner_1995 Member -> Administrator (Parkour Manager)

    December 30th
    General_Claudia Member -> Moderator


    January 2nd
    AirArt Graphic Designer -> Member
    SevereWarning Member -> Moderator

    January 22nd
    ObliviousPanda Member -> Builder

    February 2nd
    johncoles Member -> Administrator

    February 5th
    Volkom_ Member -> Moderator & Builder

    February 12th
    Efcluke94 Builder -> Builder & Moderator

    February 15th
    Divvy1 Administrator -> Moderator
    Minimoeesha Administrator -> Member

    February 16th
    beau2000 Member -> Moderator

    February 25th
    Catzilla Moderator -> Member

    March 15th
    PinkStr3ak Member -> Moderator

    March 16th
    Efcluke94 Builder, Moderator -> Builder, Administrator
    Aimee2323 Member -> Moderator

    March 24th
    Tahatii Moderator -> Member

    March 25th
    WolfWhispers Member -> Moderator

    March 29th
    caliocean Member -> Moderator

    April 14th
    jinjo90 Administrator -> Member
    Parvati12 Member -> Moderator

    April 15th
    musemat Administrator, Head Builder -> Head-Administrator, Head Builder
    beau2000 Moderator -> Moderator, Builder
    gedas001 Member -> Moderator

    April 17th
    General_Claudia Moderator -> Administrator

    April 22nd
    Dean_Warner_1995 Administrator (Parkour Manager) -> Member

    May 7th
    ObliviousPanda Builder -> Member

    May 11th
    PocketLord Member -> Builder

    May 30th
    caliocean Moderator -> Administrator
    Volkom_ Moderator, Builder -> Administrator, Builder

    June 1st
    Sunlord Member -> Builder

    June 2nd
    Lukey_dude Administrator -> Member

    June 3rd
    LaserDolphin77 Administrator, Builder -> Member
    PinkStr3ak Moderator -> Administrator

    June 6th
    Minimooesha Member -> Moderator

    June 15th
    Miscreation954 Member -> Builder

    June 18th
    jinjo90 Member -> Administrator

    June 21st
    PocketLord Builder -> Member

    June 22nd
    OrangeGE Member- > Moderator

    June 24th
    beau2000 Moderator, Builder -> Member

    July 24th
    Miscreation954 Builder -> Member

    July 29th
    Killerkwile Member -> Builder

    August 2nd
    LaserDolphin77 Member -> Moderator

    August 6th
    LaserDolphin Moderator -> Member
    Verdag Member- > Moderator

    August 15th
    Musemat Head-Administrator, Head-Builder -> Administrator, Builder
    Efcluke94 Administrator, Builder -> Head-Administrator, Head-Builder

    August 23rd
    TheAdventurerMM Member -> Builder

    September 6th
    sealgoesowowow Member -> Builder

    September 8th
    AquaaXx Member -> Moderator

    September 15th
    Saradabaschi Member -> Moderator

    September 23rd
    Sccottyyy Member -> Moderator

    October 28th
    Exciting_pancake Member -> Moderator
    Tacosbefriends Member -> Moderator

    November 1st
    Charlotte P. Member -> Administrator

    November 5th
    OrangeGE Moderator -> Administrator

    November 28th
    Saradabaschi Moderator -> Administrator

    December 4th
    Sccottyyy Moderator -> Member

    December 8th
    cubs909 Member -> Moderator

    December 30th
    jinjo90 Administrator -> Member
    General_Claudia Administrator -> Moderator
    Volkom_ Administrator, Builder -> Moderator, Builder
    Caliocean Administrator -> Moderator

    December 31st
    TlmeLord Member -> Moderator


    January 11th
    TlmeLord Moderator -> Moderator, Builder

    January 20th
    Verdag Moderator -> Member

    February 1st
    TheAdventurerMM Builder -> Moderator, Builder

    February 15th
    Charlotte P. Administrator -> Member

    February 19th
    Efcluke94 Head-Administrator, Builder -> Administrator, Builder

    February 21st
    Joe Henry Member -> Administrator

    February 23rd
    Exciting_pancake Moderator -> Administrator

    March 16th
    LaserDolphin77 Moderator -> Member

    March 17th
    cubs909 Moderator -> Member

    March 5th
    Sevenade78 Member -> Moderator

    March 21st
    musemat Head Administrator, Head Builder -> Builder

    March 29th
    Divvy1 Moderator -> Member

    March 31st
    sealgoesowowow Builder -> Moderator, Builder
    WolfWhispers Moderator -> Member

    April 4th
    Tacosbefriends Moderator -> Administrator

    April 7th
    musemat Builder -> Member

    April 11th
    Efcluke94 Administrator, Builder -> Head-Administrator, Builder

    April 16th
    Sunlord Builder -> Moderator, Builder

    March 13th
    Yittamonkey Member -> Moderator

    May 1st
    Parvati12 Moderator -> Member

    May 14th
    Soph Member -> Moderator

    May 19th
    Minimooesha Moderator -> Member
    ExtendedHorizons Member -> Builder

    May 19th
    Joe Henry Administrator -> Owner

    June 4th
    Iselciour Member -> Moderator
    Guardd Member -> Moderator

    June 17th
    TlmeLord Moderator, Builder -> Administrator, Builder

    June 22nd
    Roroyourboat_ Member -> Moderator

    July 10th
    WolfWhispers Member -> Moderator

    July 14th
    Noodles77 Member -> Parkour Builder
    GingerGeek Member -> Developer

    July 19th
    Alex_de_Grote Member -> Builder

    July 30th
    ExtendedHorizons Builder -> Member
    Max111D Member -> Builder

    August 1st
    ApoloCEA Member -> Moderator

    August 3rd
    jinjo90 Member -> Administrator

    August 3rd
    johnyestaloca Member -> Parkour Builder
    KemoGamer Member -> Parkour Builder

    August 23rd
    Crisgatito Member -> Builder

    August 27th
    ThijsBeertje Member -> Graphic Designer

    September 16th
    Dai_Matsumoto Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    General_Claudia Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    AquaaXx Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    caliocean Moderator-> Member
    Yittamonkey Moderator -> Member

    September 17th
    SevereWarning Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    6Godly Member -> Moderator
    HectorLalo Member -> Helper
    Moooofin Member -> Helper

    September 18th
    ThijsBeertje Graphic Designer -> Graphic Designer, Helper
    MadGab210 Member -> Helper
    DamoTheSavage Member -> Helper
    HackersDontWin Member -> Helper

    September 23rd
    gedas001 Moderator -> Member

    September 29th
    Noodles77 Parkour Builder -> Member
    johnyestaloca Parkour Builder -> Member
    KemoGamer Parkour Builder -> Member

    October 5th
    Mintcraftian Member -> Jr. Developer

    October 6th
    CaptainDawg_ Member -> Jr. Developer

    October 7th
    not2excel Member -> Jr. Developer
    error_dan_overflow Member -> Jr. Developer
    TheAdventurerMM Moderator, Builder -> Member

    October 8th
    ThijsBeertje Graphic Designer, Helper -> Graphic Designer, Moderator
    Moooofin Helper -> Moderator

    October 13th
    WolfWhispers Moderator -> Member

    October 18th
    MadGab210 Helper -> Moderator
    HackersDontWin Helper -> Moderator
    DamoTheSavage Helper -> Moderator
    HectorLalo Helper -> Moderator

    October 27th
    SGTkuzey Administrator -> Senior Moderator
    Soph Moderator -> Senior Moderator

    November 4th
    PinkStr3ak Administrator -> Member

    November 14th
    Sevenade78 Moderator -> Member

    November 16th
    Eclipse1314 Member -> Helper
    ImABubbleHead Member -> Helper
    PinkSparkleWolf Member -> Helper
    TerrariaLover11 Member -> Helper

    November 24th
    HuracanFTW Member -> Builder

    November 27th
    Guardd Moderator -> Member

    November 29th
    Roroyourboat_ Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    Iselciour Moderator -> Senior Moderator

    November 30th
    sealgowsowowow Moderator, Builder -> Member

    December 2nd
    Qatell Member -> Developer

    December 5th
    Paraleea Member -> Helper

    December 6th
    Stefanvld Member -> Helper

    December 12th
    ImABubbleHead Helper -> Moderator
    PinkSparkleWolf Helper -> Moderator

    December 23rd
    CyanYellow Member -> Helper
    SerketSyndrome Member -> Helper

    December 30th
    Eclipse1314 Helper -> Moderator
    Paraleaa Helper -> Moderator
    Stefanvld Helper -> Moderator
    TerrariaLover11 Helper -> Moderator


    January 2nd
    SGTkuzey Senior Moderator -> Member

    January 3rd
    Maccredin Member -> Administrator (Staff Manager)
    toropov Member -> Developer

    January 4th
    Brian_321 Member -> Helper
    CARDAN18 Member -> Helper
    Cheez Member -> Helper
    Deestinyer Member -> Helper
    dwayne Member -> Helper
    Josh_Sturgeon Member -> Helper
    Snodia Member -> Helper
    CyanYellow Helper -> Moderator
    Unstitched Member -> Helper
    Unfearful Member -> Helper

    January 5th
    SerketSyndrome Helper -> Moderator

    January 22nd
    Roroyourboat_ Senior Moderator -> Administrator
    dwayne Helper -> Moderator
    CamelinaBoat Member -> Helper
    LowFat Member -> Helper

    January 23rd
    Snodia Helper -> Moderator

    January 30th
    jinjo90 Administrator -> Member

    January 31st
    Brian_312 Helper -> Moderator
    CARDAN18 Helper -> Moderator
    Deestinyer Helper -> Moderator
    Cheez Helper -> Moderator
    Josh_Sturgeon Helper -> Moderator
    Unstitched Helper -> Moderator

    February 14th
    CyanYellow Moderator -> Member

    February 22nd
    MrPolymath Member -> Builder

    February 29th
    ApoloCEA Moderator -> Member
    Andyschofie Member -> Developer
    Undead Member -> Builder

    March 4th
    JesperGeakko Member -> Helper

    March 12th
    ThijsBeertje Graphic Designer, Moderator -> Member

    March 25th
    OrangeGE Administrator -> Member
    AquaaXx Senior Moderator -> Member

    March 27th
    ZacharyJL Member -> Helper

    April 4th
    JesperGeakko Helper -> Moderator

    April 10th
    not2excel Jr. Developer -> Member

    April 13th
    LowFat Helper -> Moderator
    ZacharyJL Helper -> Moderator

    May 8th
    CamelinaBoat Helper -> Member

    May 9th
    MrPolymath Builder -> Member

    May 21st
    Moooofin Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    dwayne Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    FalseHonesty Member -> Helper
    Iselciour Senior Moderator -> Member
    Ruben Member -> Helper
    TheZigbot9000 Member -> Helper
    DontYouDare Member -> Helper

    June 6th
    Lezappen Member -> Helper
    Sunlord Builder, Moderator -> Member

    June 25th
    Snodia Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    Cheez Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    DontYouDare Helper -> Moderator
    TheZigbot9000 Helper -> Moderator

    July 2nd
    LowFat Moderator -> Member

    July 7th
    FalseHonesty Helper -> Moderator

    July 13th
    Andyschofie Developer -> Developer, Administrator

    July 22nd
    TeoVolcano Member -> Builder

    July 24th
    Deestinyer Moderator -> Member

    July 26th
    Undead Builder -> Member

    July 29th
    TlmeLord Administrator, Builder -> Member
    Josh_Sturgeon Moderator -> Member

    July 30th
    Paraleea Moderator -> Member

    July 31st
    FadedRoses Member -> Helper
    Camezonda Member -> Helper

    August 11th
    TerrariaLover11 Moderator -> Member

    August 13th
    zRinne Member -> Helper

    August 15th
    ImABubbleHead Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    Lezappen Helper -> Moderator

    August 25th
    Diogo Member -> Helper
    zDutchie Member -> Helper

    August 25th
    Camezonda Helper -> Moderator

    August 27th
    Anmaziing Member -> Helper

    August 31st
    FadedRoses Helper -> Moderator
    zRinne Helper -> Moderator

    September 3rd
    Joe Henry Owner -> Member

    September 4th
    Orangeric88 Member -> Helper

    September 6th
    LilNugget Member -> Helper
    CyanYellow Member -> Helper

    September 12th
    Brian_321 Moderator -> Member
    MadGab210 Moderator -> Member

    September 13th
    Stefanvld Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    Unstitched Moderator -> Member

    September 16th
    iLoveYouu Member -> Helper

    September 17th
    wolfii Member -> Developer

    September 21st
    johncoles Administrator -> Owner (Chief Executive Officer)
    SevereWarning Senior Moderator -> Member

    October 6th
    CyanYellow Helper -> Moderator
    DamoTheSavage Moderator -> Member
    Ruben Helper -> Moderator

    October 7th
    Diogo Helper -> Moderator

    October 20th
    6Godly Moderator -> Member

    October 26th
    Orangeric88 Helper -> Moderator

    November 6th
    ILoveYouu Helper -> Moderator
    Younisco Member -> Helper
    Nikoshka Member -> Helper

    November 7th
    zDutchie Helper -> Moderator
    Volkom_ Moderator, Builder -> Member
    error_dan_overflow Jr. Developer -> Member

    November 8th
    General_Claudia Senior Moderator -> Member
    CaptainDawg_ Jr. Developer -> Member

    November 15th
    MartijnMC Member -> Builder

    December 9th
    Younisco Helper -> Moderator

    December 15th
    wolfii Developer -> Member

    December 19th
    Foodyling Developer, Moderator -> Member
    Nyaruko Member -> Developer
    CrazyManJR Member -> Developer

    December 22nd
    LilNugget Helper -> Member

    December 30th
    Joe Henry Member -> Sales Support


    January 3rd
    Anmaziing Helper -> Moderator
    Nikoshka Helper -> Moderator

    January 19th
    Buuuddy Member -> Helper
    Aimee2323 Moderator -> Member
    Saradabaschi Administrator -> Member

    January 23rd
    JesperGeakko Moderator -> Member

    January 29th
    PinkSparkleWolf Moderator -> Member

    February 1st
    Skifby Member -> Helper
    Mintcraftian Jr. Developer -> Developer
    504Errors Jr. Developer -> Developer

    February 6th
    hub3rt Member -> Administrator (Project Manager)

    February 8th
    HackersDontWin Moderator -> Member

    February 17th
    Trentu Member -> Builder

    March 3rd
    Stefanvld Senior Moderator -> Member

    March 4th
    Skifby Helper -> Moderator
    Buuuddy Helper -> Moderator

    March 6th
    Snap Moderator -> Member

    March 18th
    FozZeW Member -> Developer

    March 21st
    504Errors Developer -> Member

    March 25th
    GitLab Member -> Developer
    theminecoder Member -> Developer

    March 28th
    Cheez Senior Moderator -> Member

    March 29th
    Macreddin Administrator -> Member

    March 30th
    CARDAN18 Moderator -> Member
    Snodia Senior Moderator -> Member

    March 31st
    FalseHonesty Moderator -> Member
    dwayne Senior Moderator -> Member
    DontYouDare Moderator -> Member

    April 1st
    Exciting_pancake Administrator -> Member
    1212hawks_ Member -> Helper
    LucianYOLO Member -> Helper
    Sentrix__ Member -> Helper
    Yoyamin Member -> Helper
    zRinne Moderator -> Senior Moderator
    ZacharyJL Moderator -> Member

    April 2nd
    Mintcraftian Developer -> Member

    April 3rd
    zDutchie Moderator -> Member

    April 8th
    FadedRoses Moderator -> Member

    April 19th
    Marieke2001 Member -> Helper
    telegamer Member -> Helper

    May 1st
    Azrealon Member -> Builder

    May 5th
    Squity Member -> Builder

    May 14th
    Gitlab Developer -> Member

    May 15th
    Yoyamin Helper -> Moderator
    Camezonda Moderator -> Senior Moderator

    May 20th
    telegamer Helper -> Moderator

    May 23rd
    Unipotato Member -> Helper
    LanceDaniels Member -> Helper

    May 29th
    1212hawks_ Helper -> Member

    May 31st
    Sentrix__ Helper -> Member
    Octobyte Member -> Developer
    Rororoyourboat_ Administrator -> Member

    June 2nd
    Bob_The_Giraffe Member -> Helper
    zDutchie Member -> Helper
    Vaxuite Member -> Developer

    June 10th
    LucianYOLO Helper -> Moderator

    June 13th
    Marieke2001 Helper -> Moderator

    June 18th
    Cynamooo Member -> Helper

    June 24th
    DontYouDare Moderator -> Member

    June 26th
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    September 28th
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    Builder was updated to Designer in order to incorporate the rest of the Marketplace team
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    Nothing new this year.

    Staff Spotlights is a section dedicated to getting to know the staff members of our community, current or resigned. This is achieved through mini interviews with the staff members to get their views on staff, the server or anything inbetween.

    This section requires the help of any staff members, if you are a current or ex staff member looking to contribute then please get in touch with me.

    The category of the staff member is the rank they had when the interview took place, the interviews are ordered from most recent at the top, so check back often!


    Management Interviews

    Name: Efcluke94 (@Efcluke94 )
    Rank: Management / Designer
    Promotion: September 2013
    Interview Date: November 27th 2019


    Tell us about yourself!

    Hello my name is Luke and I like penguins. I have a cardboard cutout of a penguin who I named Jim, we’ve been through quite a lot together. (

    I have over 60 houseplants, obsessed with gardening and really want to try and live off the land one day. I tend to binge a lot of movies and TV shows and play very nerdy games. I have a family golden doodle called Buddy who is a very handsome and good boy. Oh… also I have about 3k memes on my phone, the rest of my pictures are dog photos. I only have one picture of my girlfriend lol my priorities right there.

    How did you discover CubeCraft?

    So basically I was looking for servers to build on back in 2010 or 2011, and I found this server called Herp Derp - which was a terrible 3 player survival world on the bottom of the mc voting pages. I made a big mansion and met Marco after he was impressed, my first call on Skype. Then we decided to reopen the server with a new spawn, games etc. That’s how I met John and Joe. After a year we hit 20 players! Which was massive for us. Then I lost touch since I had to go to college/uni. Reached out to an old builder ‘littlelaw10’ asking what is Marco up to these days around September 2013. Littlelaw10 replied oh he spends all his time on this server called CubeCraft. I just thought Marco played it I didn’t realise he was the owner of a 500 player server at the time. Logged into creative and said hi Marco.

    After about 5 or 10 mins we got on a Skype call along with the build leader at the time, reminisced about old times… I’m not sure if Rubik was in it. But I basically got Builder after that.

    What was your favourite year working at CubeCraft?

    Probably early to middle of 2014, I was in 10 hour calls constantly on Skype, made so many new friends. Everything was just so fun, playing minigames was completely new to me and it was when I actually started getting paid for a hobby. Like £30 a month haha.

    I remember having to make a game every 5 days then a good ole 4 of them. stress stress stress. Made me realise that we could actually do it thought as it was a huge challenge. I didn’t have much of a social life but I felt like us sacrificing our time would give thousands of other people more fun

    What made you specifically want to work on Cube, was it because of your friends being there?

    It genuinely wasn’t work, I had dropped out of uni and had no idea what to do with my time, I volunteered at a charity shop to get work experience since I just couldn’t get a job even though I did well at school. So I just perused a passion which was creating stuff in Minecraft and hoped it paid off. (That’s quite hard to justify to people outside of the internet).

    At the time I absolutely adored everything about CubeCraft, every waking moment I wanted to help and do more and grow it into the largest server. As for ranks… I’ve been all over the shop, I started off as a builder, then became a mod since I just wanted to help more, after maybe a month became an admin, then I later became head admin which meant I had to manage the staff team on top of build team. Then I went to just build manager again as we grew bigger.

    What is your favourite part of being part of the staff team?

    Being able to work on Marketplace hands down. So I can see my nephews play games and maps our team has created, I was playing Minecraft maybe a year after oldest nephew was born so it’s crazy seeing them grown up and me and them building a rollercoaster together on our Candy Kingdom map.

    Like I’m just sat on the Xbox and my youngest nephew who’s 5 saying can we play one of your maps, *tries to hold back tears* "sure!" It’s really quite wholesome hearing that. Then we just sat there for a couple of hours building together. All possible due to Bedrock so I’m super thankful for that.

    What is the most stressful part of your position?

    Short answer: explaining to my barber everytime what I do, now I just say I work in retail, so much easier…

    • Stupid and stubborn people
    • People who think the world revolve around them
    • Missing important occasions with people I care(d) about due to deadlines
    • main one is people who share the amount of brainpower with a vegetable

    What are some of your favourite memories from being on the server?

    • Raising that £10k for that’s by far one of the best things I’ve done in my life.
    • Meeting people from the internet, it’s so scary and weird trying to match their face to their voice. Just hearing that voice you’ve heard of hours and hours
    • First time I saw big Youtubers play the maps I made, proper fan girled.
    • When my Dad was very sick and I logged into build server, my team had made him a get well card… oof the feels
    • Back in 2014 I got a surprise birthday plot on creative server, first birthday party I ever had lol it had strip poles and everything.

    Do you feel as though you learned skills from Cube that you were able to use IRL or going forward?

    I learned the right and wrong way to fire people lol, project management was also a big one, being able to juggle loads of people around a schedule so that everything comes together at the end. I learnt that its not that hard to learn a new skill thanks to YouTube and CubeCraft team, like 3D Modelling, graphic design and behaviour packs. Some edgy skills would be don't trust everyone blindly and be safe on the internet with your security.

    Do you have any advice for aspiring Designers?

    If you see something and think "I could probably do better, how hard can it be?" Then it’s more than likely you can do it, you literally just have to try! The only way to be good at anything is through experience, trying is always the first step and during the next steps you learn more about yourself and what you’re capable of. If you find a passion it really does become so easy and fun, the first step is always like stepping on a lego brick but once you’re past it, you are at the kitchen and can eat a donut.

    What is your most favourite gamemode in the history of the server?

    Lucky Islands has to be my favourite. It’s just crazy and unpredictable, one of the few games I’m good at. There isn’t some sweat of a bridger coming at me like in SkyWars or EggWars, I whip out my wand… that’s a very nice bridge you have there… shame if something were to happen to it. BOOM!


    Administrator Interviews


    Moderator Interviews

    Name: Nikoshka (@Nikoshka )
    Ex-Rank: Moderator
    Promotion: November 6th 2016
    Resigned: August 25th 2017
    Interview Date: February 26th 2019


    How did you discover CubeCraft?

    Well, this was a while back in early 2015 when I was searching for a hide and seek server after watching well known YouTubers play the game. At this point I was quite new to Minecraft and I didn't know that most YouTuber's put the server IP in the description of their videos. Eventually, I went searching for "Minecraft servers with hide and seek" and learning how to join a Minecraft server and play the game multiplayer (After I had been playing singleplayer for a while, not knowing how to join MC servers). That's how I first discovered Cubecraft. I then started playing other games and found that they were all really fun!

    Why did you want to be staff?

    Initially, I thought mods were so cool. I remember reading OrangeGE's recruitment post and thinking "oh my god, I want to be just like them!" also Once I had joined the forums, I had become addicted to making reports. I thought that doing reports as a moderator would be so cool! (Even as a moderator, I was addicted to doing reports at first!).

    A month before I was recruited as staff, I started to enjoy the being a part community and what motivated me to become staff was to help others. Because my previous applications were denied, I was a bit lost on becoming a staff member and I had started to focus on becoming a decent community member. I still applied, however, I had forgotten of becoming a staff member and just started to enjoy the server. It came as a massive shock to me when I was accepted.

    What was your favourite part of being staff?

    For the first few months, reports. I started to completely crack down on reports and no-life them. With the new reports system, a message broadcasted in staff chat each day as to who did the most reports that day. One time, @zDutchie @diogo and I had decided to complete the exact same number of reports that day. (The staff chat had gone crazy as this was the first time anyone had done this!). This started a bit of a motivation for moderators to work together on reducing the number of reports open. I absolutely loved this team work and team spirit! One day, a total of 8 members of staff had completed 100 reports! It was awesome!

    Another thing which I loved was being part of the recruitment and helper mentoring team! Reading bad applications was amusing and talking with the new helpers and resolving with their reports was awesome. Fun fact: I mentored @AnimalTamer1 (the current staff manager) when she was still a helper!

    What was a stressful part of being on the staff team?

    Generally the fear of accidentally banning an innocent player. I started to stress A LOT when someone appealed to me stating that they were innocent. I'd often re-check the footage to find that they were lying but sometimes I realised that I had rushed the report and probably innocently banned them.

    What are some of your favourite moments on the network?

    Me showing off to @zDutchie whenever I won a game of Skywars. (I had played thousands of games yet only won like 10). Hence whenever I won a game, I messaged zDutchie with an excited message. It were as if I had just won the lottery ^-^

    There was this one time when I was a helper where a team mate claimed he was hacking. They didn't know that I was a staff member since I was messaging them in team chat where I didn't have the [STAFF] prefix. I was basically begging them to show me their fly (so I could capture it on recording). He eventually hacked in front of me and I was able to get it on recording. The guy immediately rage quit when I /msg'd them "enjoy your ban", showing my [HELPER] prefix xD

    What is your personal tip for aspiring staff?

    Be yourself and don't be a wannabe. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth.

    Constantly messaging staff members and wanting to be with them ALL THE TIME gives a really bad impression. Don't try to stalk them and let them do their job. When I was applying, I often spammed messages like "DON'T REPLY TO REPORTS" (on the old reports system). I eventually received a warning from @CARDAN18 informing me that I was coming on too strong and that I should leave that job to staff members.

    What was the reason you left the staff team?

    I got bored of Cubecraft and I personally started to really dislike Cubecraft's management decisions. Also, I left due to upcoming GCSEs and my downfall in swimming ever since I started Cubecraft moderation. Since I resigned from Cube, my grades have significantly boosted up and I won a medal at swimming nationals so to me, resigning was definitely worth it.

    What did you feel like you learned from being part of the staff team?

    Honestly, I don't really think I have learnt anything. As of now, my opinion of being a staff member on Cubecraft was that it was a complete waste of a year of my lifetime. I may have picked up a few conversation skills but there's nothing significant which stands out to me that I'd be able to carry into the future.

    Was there something that surprised you about the staff team?

    Well, at the time there was a massive divide in the staff team. To me, it seemed as if the staff team was one whole happy unit working together but nope.
    Oh, and also the perks staff get. They get pretty cool perks which I didn't realise such as obsidian rank, being able to test new games, gift cards, etc.

    Name: Cynamooo (@Cynamooo )
    Rank: Moderator
    Staff Since: June 18th 2017
    Interview Date: January 24th 2019


    How did you discover CubeCraft?

    Basically, when I got the real version of Minecraft, the first thing I wanted was to play multiplayer with friends, as the previous client I used was called Keinett, but was very limited in servers, Cube wasn’t available yet. When I got it I just went on site after site looking for a nice server to play on. I’ve tried many back then, but Cube really got my attention.

    I wasn’t aware of a “community” yet, I simply joined to play. The one thing that really got my attention is the way that Cube works. It was so clean and organised, compared to other chaotic servers at the time, and I’m glad we still have that style today.

    So what made you want to be staff on this server?

    I honestly have no clue, but I think it all started with me getting banned for cheating. Back then, the first ban duration was 9999 months if I can remember, so basically no more CubeCraft for me. I got in touch and discussed this with Rororoyourboat (who has sadly since left) and after a long discussion with her, I got unbanned and really started to have respect and interest for the work staff did.

    I started becoming active myself and slowly I started gaining positive attention and people were noticing me. I’ve applied maybe 4 times in total, and the first 3 of them were pretty cringy, but the 4th one did the job. That’s how I’m here, and I’m still thankful for everything Roro did for me!

    What is your favourite part of being staff?

    Reports are still my favorite thing to do even now. That was something I was really hyped for when I first got moderator and I still absolutely love it. Mainly because of the variety in reports, you learn different languages and so on. Ofcourse I still do other things, but reports has to be my number one favourite thing I normally do everyday.

    What is the most stressful part of being staff?

    The disrespect from some players. Every staff should love their job, no doubt about that, but people seem to forget we’re volunteers. This disrespect mainly comes from people who think they have been unfairly banned or muted, and if I can be honest, maybe 1 in 15-20 is actually unfairly punished because of a mistake. I think if those people would be in our place for one day then they wouldn’t know where to start and their heads would explode. Dealing with all those spammy messages isn’t easy at all, especially if they’re arrogant, but I usually just let that slide and try to be as casual as possible.

    What are some of your favourite moments on CubeCraft?

    I’ve had a lot, but one the most fun things to do was trying to follow/stalk the staff member during the streams on twitch and trying to get in their game. Besides that a lot of fun things have happend and it’s even too much to remember. Just playing around with current and old friends is always a lot of fun.

    What do you feel like you learned from being staff?

    The way to treat people and react in both negative and positive scenarios. Being a staff member is all about good communication between the staff team and the players. This skill has progressed a lot over the past years, that it even affected my real life. Usually I’m shy and introvert, but learning how to treat people and talk with them, that’s completely gone. As I said above, I don’t want to be the strict staff member that nobody likes, my goal at the end of the day is to still follow the rules and do what they expect from me, but as casual as possible.

    Do you have any advice for players seeking to get staff?

    First of all, before applying, think more than twice. Is this really what you want? To be able to help the server and the people playing? Aren’t you just attracted to the rank? If you’re sure you want to be staff, try to be a unique one. Everyone can tell someone the rules or warn someone for swearing, but it’s the way that you present it that makes the community like you. Find you own style and go with the flow (while still being mature and respectful of course). I can guarantee you that if you really want this job, you’ll get there one day. Just don’t make it too obvious that you’re doing it for the rank, make it a spontanious task.

    What is your favourite gamemode ever released on the server?

    Skyblock is still my bæ. It was so unique and was actually very popular amongst the community. If I need to choose one gamemode we have now, it’ll have to be Lucky Islands. It used to be Skywars, but I feel like the people there are very toxic and stuff, and lucky islands really has nice people.


    Helper Interviews

    Name: IceScreams (@IceScreams )
    Rank: Helper
    Staff Since: December 3rd 2018
    Interview Date: January 25th 2019


    Tell us about yourself!

    I'm IceScreams, or matcha as some people like to call me instead. I'm from the United States, a fine place to live even if it has some flaws. I hope to travel the world one day, visiting every corner and the most remote parts of our planet. But in the meantime, I'm just trying to make do with my life. I, like many others, enjoy music a lot, even if I can't sing for my life or make my own tune. I don't have any particular preferences, I like to think of myself as an open-minded person. I don't mind if the song is in a language I can't understand, as long as it's something I can bop to, it's good. I'm also a pretty avid reader, so if anyone has recommendations, PLEASE send me something.

    How did you discover CubeCraft?

    My brother introduced it to me, basically when I first started playing the game. I originally wanted to try out Eggwars, cause I thought it was a cool game, but I didn't know which server had it. So once my brother showed me the way, I pretty much stuck around on Cube since then. Even though I get terrible ping.

    So what made you want to be staff on this server?

    I didn't really think about being staff till pretty much last summer. I don't really like loading myself with responsibilities and duties, but several of my friends kind of started talking me into applying. I mean I did fantasize about being able to get rid of cheaters and what-not without going through all the recording and reporting business, mostly before Sentinel was a thing. But yea, after quite a deal of convincing and encouragement, I decided to apply. Of course my first application probably was rejected because I didn't get a response. I think I've probably applied 3 times before finally getting accepted.

    What is your favourite part of being staff?

    I think the respect (sometimes) and authority (sometimes) we get is pretty neat. That's what I think really separates a player from a staff member. The tag. Without it, you won't exactly be taken seriously by everyone. Of course this isn't true for every case, but it's there, it exists. :p

    What is the most stressful part of being staff?

    The first thing, is attention. It sucks to see people in the server just only notice you for your rank. Prior to this (becoming a staff), the attention I received was practically next to zero. Aside from the people I actually knew and saw daily, no one really knew who I was. Maybe a few would remember me because I was on the FFA leaderboard at one point, but yea, the attention I received was pretty much non existent. Now that wasn't a bad thing. I'm a quiet person, so I'm perfectly fine with being in the background. But ever since becoming a helper, I would always get at least a random stranger saying "hi". It's sweet, but then you kind of notice that "hello" turn into "PLEASE PARTY, F ADD PLEASE".

    I think I left my friend requests opened for like the first week, and there's 5 pages of friend request from people I've never met. But that itself isn't really an issue. I know that staff members should always be polite and whatnot, and I do my best at being so. But sometimes we want a little space, if you get what I mean. I recall playing a Lucky Islands game, and one person in the game said "Hello IceScreams!" and "How are you". I said "Hihi, I'm fine". Now that would've been the end of the conversation normally.... but it clearly wasn't. The guy then started berating me about why didn't I ask him "What about you? How are you?" That kind of confused me, ahaha. I know it's an etiquette, but to be honest, I didn't care. I didn't know that person, and he didn't know me, for all I know, we could've queued up in a game before I became staff and never said a word to each other. So moral of the story? Don't expect too much, sometimes we just want a little space.

    So onto the second thing. I think the most stressful thing about being a staff member is that, most people don't understand why you do things a certain way, or just your point of view in general. The cynicism people express does make you die a little on the inside. I think people really need to take a step back and think, hey maybe I was wrong or I don't have enough knowledge about this subject before making a judgement. Of course, this is just with a few players, but a bad apple spoils the bunch.

    Do you have any favourite memories from CubeCraft?

    YES! I don't think people appreciate living the moment enough, till it's gone. For those of you who don't know, FFA is my most played games. The general conception that it's a toxic wasteland isn't exactly wrong, but it isn't exactly true. There are just different multiplayer manners there than really anywhere else on the server. I think a lot of people fail to take that into mind, but.... that's not what we're discussing here. FFA, yes. So I loved playing Classic FFA and Soup FFA. I met most of my close friends there, and I'm glad I did. There are just wayyy to many good memories of that place, it's a bit hard to decide. But I think actually having the goal of making it to #1 on that fancy 5 player podium was my best accomplishment/memory. The non stop grinding, and competition enthralled me. I get that things like this, aren't for everyone. Not everyone wants to play for stats, sometimes they just want to play for fun. That, the grinding, was my "fun", if that makes sense.

    What do you feel like you learned from being staff?

    Yes, communication is definitely a big one. Like I said, I'm a quiet person, perfectly content with living a life of a background character in One Punch Man. So it's a bit clear I don't like talking. It's not that it's because I'm shy that I don't like talking, it's because maybe I just don't feel the need to. That, I think, stems from thinking "I can handle this alone." BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. Asking for help isn't a bad thing, and never is. Asking for clarification isn't a bad thing, and never is. Communication, is absolutely the most important thing I've learned. So why don't they emphasize this more in school, guess that's a flaw in the school system.

    Do you have any advice for players seeking to get staff?

    Be genuine. Most of you probably don't have an idea about what you're getting yourself into. Are you here for the perks? The attention? The bragging rights? Or are you here to help. That's something most of you probably already hear a lot. But being genuine means more than just that. Cynamooo touched on this topic, "If you’re sure you want to be staff, try to be a unique one." This is something you'll have to decide for yourself. What does it mean to be unique? Be crazy active like Warriors? Be realistic like Quetzi? No, of course not. If you're going to remold yourself completely to fit an image, then you might not necessarily be ready for the position. Everyone says this, but it's true, be yourself. Don't try to give off an impression you're someone else. Of course uphold the Cubecraft rules and don't besmirch the rank you hold, but also don't lie to yourself.

    What is your favourite gamemode ever released on the server?

    Drum rolls please...... FFA, of course. I've said it already, but I'll say it again. FFA is probably the most suitable game for me in a way. I don't like being burdened. Games like Eggwars, can last hours (ouch). Games like Skywars, will have it's fair share of players who try to drag it out. FFA? I just need to join a lobby and plop myself somewhere and just enjoy playing or talking with friends.


    Designer Interviews


    Section has technical issues at the moment, expect this in December...

    List of staff members who stood the test of time, players who were staff for the longest period of time.

    The list is in order starting with longest at the top.
    rubik_cube_man (6 years, 11 months)
    marcoslater (6 years, 5 months)
    Efcluke94 (6 years, 2 months)
    John Coles (5 years, 10 months)
    Dai_Matsumoto (5 years, 1 month)
    GingerGeek (4 years, 4 months)
    Alex_De_Grote (4 years, 4 months)
    Tacosbefriends (4 years)
    Max111D (3 years, 11 months)
    toropov (3 years, 11 months)
    Lezappen (3 years, 5 months)
    Joe Henry (3 years, 4 months)
    Camezonda (3 years, 4 months)
    zRinne (3 years, 3 months)
    Qatell (3 years, 1 month)
    Younisco (3 years)
    Snodia (3 years)
    MartijnMC (3 years)
    General_Claudia (2 years, 10 months)
    Buuuddy (2 years, 10 months)
    Volkom_ (2 years, 9 months)
    SevereWarning (2 years, 8 months)

    Last Updated: 14/11/19

    Staff members who were promoted their next rank the quickest. For this section I am excluding staff members who were repromoted, the first promotion only counts.

    Volkom_ (20 days)
    SevereWarning (39 days)
    PinkStr3ak (70 days)
    Aimee2323 (72 days)
    SaradaBaschi (76 days)
    FalseHonesty (77 days)
    LilNugget (77 days)
    zDutchie (87 days)

    CyanYellow (12 days)
    SerketSyndrome (13 days)
    ZacharyJL (17 days)
    zRinne (18 days)
    Moooofin (21 days)
    Camezonda (25 days)
    AnimalTamer (27 days)

    This section excludes people promoted within a week of the creation of it. (sorry guys)

    Dwayne (120 days)
    Cheez (153 days)
    Snodia (154 days)
    Roroyourboat (160 days)
    Soph (166 days)
    Iselciour (178 days)
    zRinne (213 days)

    This includes Sr. Moderator

    Jinjo90 (29 days)
    Minimoesha (43 days)
    Divvy1 (46 days)
    Roroyourboat (54 days)
    Saradabaschi (74 days)
    Pinkstr3ak (80 days)
    General_Claudia (108 days)
    Exciting_Pancake (118 days)
    Camezonda (120 days)

    This section is a bunch of random statistics that I found through the data gathered on this thread.

    91% of hired staff members make it to Moderator

    The most players promoted to Helper in one day was nine, set on January 4th 2016.

    52% of the staff team left in 2017, this is approximately 24% of the entire staff team in history.

    The most promotions to a single staff member goes to Camezonda, who has been promoted from-
    Helper -> Moderator -> Sr. Moderator -> Administrator -> Management

    The average time spent as a Helper is 41.5 days.

    Dai_Matsumoto was a voluntary staff member for 87% of CubeCraft's entire history-
    with 2nd place going to Volkom_ with 50% up until his resignation on October 8th 2018.

    Younisco was active for 2 years, 5 months before receiving Helper in November 2016.
    Dylaila was active for 2 years, 8 months before receiving Designer in April 2019.

    CyanYellow was Helper for 12 days before being promoted to Moderator.

    The most resignations in one month was March 2017 where 10 staff members left.

    The most player reports done by a single staff member is 17,654 by CapitanGato.

    The most reports handled by a single staff member in a day was 1,235 by ILoveYouu.

    0.07% of players who register on the forums have received a staff rank.

    0.01% of Helper applications are accepted.

    The average age of the Moderators (All-Time) is 19.

    The average age of the Moderators (Current) is 18.

    The staff member with the highest level is Kloska with 200.

    Resignations Per Year:
    2019: 5
    2018: 37
    2017: 38
    2016: 33
    2015: 19
    2014: 15


    November 2019 holds the record for most Designers ever at 20, possessing 61% of all Designers ever hired in the history of the server.

    July 2019 was the first time in the history of the server that Designers have surpassed Moderators in staff.

    The average time spent as a Moderator till resignation is 1 year, 5 months.

    The longest time spent as Helper was 4 months, 23 days.

    The lowest posts held by a Helper at the time of their promotion was ChaosConjurer with 101.

    The most posts held by a single staff member was Moooofin with 17,861 up until his resignation.

    31% of resigned staff members were demoted.

    Massive thanks to...

    @Commissioned for starting the original thread and providing a large percentage of the staff timeline.

    @alltop10 for spending hours calculating statistics with me.

    @Dai_Matsumoto @marcoslater & @Efcluke94 - for providing old information from 2013.

    @Camezonda - for keeping me updated on Management & Developers

    @_The13thDoctor_ - for providing opinions and insight on designs for the thread.
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