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New The Dropper Idea

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Feb 6, 2014
New The Dropper Idea

You can play it with 10/15/20 players and survivevery jump, and who the fastest is. Get the following points.

Stone: 1st 10 points if he wins the game 2st 6 points 3st 3 points

Iron: 1st 15 points 2st 10 points 3st 6 points!

Lapiz: 1st 20 points 2st 15 points 3st 10 points

Gold: 1st 25 points 2st 20 points 3st 15 points

Diamond: 1st 30 points 2st 25 points 3st 20 points

Emerald: 1st 35 points 2st 30 points 3st 25 points

Obsidian if he commes: 1st 40 points 2st 35 points 3st 30 points

Or, all ranks could get 20 points, like in skywars :)

What do you think, is it too much points?


Feb 24, 2014
on an adventure
Meh, not much concept. The game could get boring very easily. & for a small game like that, the wins shouldn't be worth so many points as a Skywars win. Maybe 5 points per win?
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