New Terran Technology Designed to Combat Hackers!

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Want these futuristic features added specifically against hackers?

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    Hate losing to hackers? Want to kill them in your game? Want hackers to ragequit? Then this is for you!

    Let's have some abilities that can be bought with "hacker points" and trigger only against hackers.

    Hackers have always been a big problem. When AI-controlled hackers were first spotted, players and staff alike fought against them, using anything to destroy the sentient AI. In an effort to develop technology, developers requested players to bring AI samples. Players would attempt to fry the machines in order to get a reward. During one of the attacks, players captured one of these AI, giving it to developers for examination. Developers reverse-engineered its technology in an attempt to figure out how to further combat their abilities. Since then, developers have been able to successfully produce several emulated hacks, with more to come as time goes by. These experimental devices are offered only to the elite and are considered the most advanced technology for members.

    How this works:
    -This is designed to work in tandem with the anticheat if it can detect better and also detect more hacks.
    -Hacker reports give 1 hacker point per hacker reported. The points are awarded only when the report is accepted and there is hard evidence that the hacker is actually hacking instead of playing legit. This is the same report as what we have now.
    -There is a server-wide shop that sells "emulated hacks" for people with enough hacker points (cost will be very expensive).
    -If the offender is not hacking or if the reporter decides to "point farm," the report is denied. No hacker points are awarded; additionally, for the latter case, the reporter is ineligible to earn points and loses any abilities and points he/she bought.
    -Emulated hacks can be activated only against hackers, if the anti-cheat detects any. Equipment cannot be used on legit players. Equipment cannot be activated at all if no hacker is found by the anticheat in the game and deactivates once all hackers die or 10 seconds after killing any hackers.
    -Using a hacked client or abusing any exploit would result in removing all abilities and revoking any earned points permanently, same as "point farming."
    -Only 1 item is allowed to be brought into PvP. For example, I can have stimpack equipped, but not jump jets or other equipment with it.

    List of current "emulated hacks":
    1. Jump jets
    Our developers have developed jump jets based on examining wings attached to the hacker's back. The result is a jet-pack that allows our troops to leap forward, though the weight prevents actual flight.
    -Leaps the user forward by 10 blocks
    -Cooldown: 15 seconds

    2. Stimpack*
    Description: "These inbuilt chemical delivery systems dose marines with a powerful mix of synthetic adrenaline, endorphins, and a psychotropic aggression enhancer. Marines on stims benefit from greatly increased speed and reflexes, but are subject to long-term side effects including and not limited to insomnia, weight loss, mania/hypomania, seizures, paranoiac hallucinations, internal hemorrhaging, and cerebral deterioration. Nonetheless, both commanders and the marines themselves stand by the use of stims as essential to their continued survival and effectiveness on the battlefield."
    -Damages the user for 6 HP (3 hearts) for each use.
    -In return, user attacks faster by 40% (haste 4) and moves faster by 40% (speed 2). Applies to range and melee weapons.
    -lasts 10 seconds
    -Can be used again, but effect does not stack. Instead, the timer resets back to 10 seconds.
    -If the user is at or below 3 hearts, stimpack cannot be activated.

    *I was originally going to have it heal the user by 2 hearts on use, but considering how the healing could be used against normal players, I decided not to suggest the healing part. So, we get the basic stimpack.

    3. Laser targeting system
    By examining the structure of the hacker's eye and AI system, developers were able to develop an attachable scope to our weapons and to any headgear.
    -Increases the attack range by 1 block (from 4.7 blocks to 5.7) for melee.
    -Increases the throwing range of all objects by 1 block.

    4. Smart switching
    Hackers have been seen to automatically switch tools when breaking blocks as well as quickly attacking. Redesigning this feature has allowed normal users to quickly swap items just as fast as the original AI.
    -Switching items no longer requires the user to reload drawn weapons (almost instant swap).
    -Only applies when directly engaging a hacker.

    Possible responses
    "This can be abused."
    -See above under "How this works." This is to work in tandem with the anticheat, but if the new anticheat can detect and auto-ban, then this isn't going to be needed.
    "It's an unfair advantage."
    -As I said above, the perks won't work on normal players and if it were to be approved, it should not be released without a good anticheat. Also, there's no hard currency and all players alike can get the equipment.

    More may be included. What do you think?
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    Original thread
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    Added to my TODO list ;)
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    I see the Light....
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    I don't need terran technology when I have weakness potions :p
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    Ehmm no.

    1. A lot of players falsely get detected by the anticheat so this could be abused like crazy.
    2. People think you hack with these abilities.
    3. Hard to code and implement, better spend that time on an actual anticheat.

    This won't work.