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Sep 18, 2021
Amman, Jordan
Hey there!

In every successful minecraft server (like cubecraft), there must be a way to suggest things and hear the communities' feedback, and bc cubecraft has this great feature, im gonna suggest to imrove it a little bit more, by adding the "Work in progress" prefix; to know what things and suggestions cubecraft are working on implementing them.

Example : a suggestion has got 40 agrees, and no disagrees : the prefixes which will be put on that suggestion in order:
Forwarded --> Denied/ Planned --> Work in progress --> Implemented
-Forwarded: A cute mod will type: Forwarded!!, such as shiny arow <3
-Denied: You become sad
-Planned: omg
-Work in progress: indicates that the cubecraft team is working on implementing your suggestion!
-Implemented: i love this prefix

And that's it! If you agree, react with :agree:
If you disagree, react with :disagree: :(

aLl lOvE tO sTaff, ParTnErs, anD memBErs.

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