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New games ideas?

Dec 6, 2013
Far away
Recently, I have wondered if there are any good games that the games server should add. Of course, the dropper is a very good idea. But maybe there should be a contest for someone to create the best game idea for the server. Not suggesting an existing game, but an entirely original game! One of my ideas is a game where one person tries to kill people by dropping sand on them while the others try to climb the sand to reach the sand dropper, maybe the dropper could be AI, but it's still a cool idea to me and possibly you. Do you have an idea for a new game? Discuss.
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I'll be honest I have seen a lot more Teaparties whilst playing today. I wonder if the admins made it open more. If so, this is excellent work. Magnificent, actually.
Imagine playing hide and seek in the lobby at 5 in the morning.
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Congrats TC ❤
I swear, sunflowers are aliens at night
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