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New Game - Factories.

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Jan 30, 2014
The microwave
Hello guys and girls, recently I have thought of a new game! Called Factories (Or anything else) where there are 4 teams, one called cookers, one called miners, one called killers, and the other one I want you to decide.

Cooker: Cookers team will have 4 people, aswell as every other team, they will spawn in a meadow sort of thing, with walls around it, which Pigs, cows, chicken will spawn in. There will also be SugarCane Growing Wheat, pumkins, melons, nether wart and carrots. Oops don´t forget Potatoes. And there job is to work together to get differt foods, each type of food will equal some amount of points. Not CubeCraftGames Points, they spawn in with a ender chest in there inventory and a furnace. They will be able to click on the furnace to open it, the furnace will not need fuel though, they can cook stuff in that. And when they click on the enderchest that is in the inventory it will open a enderchest, then they put the food in there. Once they have gone off the enderchest the stuff won´t be inside when they open it, each food will equal some points, read below. And there will also be crafting tables around the map to craft food into different food. They will also be able to but a second furnace for 5 points (Not CCGs points)

Food points (Not CCGs points):
Cake: 5 points
Pumkin Pie: 5 points
Egg: 4.5 points
Sugar cane: 2 points
Wheat: 1.5 points
Bread: 4.5 Points
Pumkin: 3 points
Melon slice: 0.5 points

Miners team:
Miners will spawn in a mine, along with a iron pick and will have to mine different ores for different amount of points. They will also have a furnace in there inventory which they click to open, no fuel

Miner points (Not CCGs points):
Stone block: 0.5 points
Coal: 1 point
Iron Ore: 1.5 Points
Iron Ingot: 2
Redstone dust: 3 Points
Gold Ore: 3 points
Gold Ingot: 3.5 Points
Diamond: 4 points
Emerald: 4.5

Killers team:

The killer team has to kill different mobs, different mobs will get more points. You spawn with an Iron sword unbreaking X

Killers points (Not CCGs points):

Zombie: 1 point
Skeleton with no bow, speed 1 though: 1.5 points
Creeper, no damage to terrain: 2 points
Wither Skeleton, no wither affect: 3.5 points
Witch: 3.5 points

The last team I want you guys to think of :)

Tagging staff: @Claudia @halothe23 @rubik_cube_man @SGTkuzey

Oh by the way, I can´t build the map at the momment, on holiday, so I will tag some builders @Volkom_ @LaserDolphin77 @musemat Sorry if I forgot any staff :(
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Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
Sounds nice.

Maybe change killers to Hunters, sounds better for me.

Also the fourth team could be Breeders, just to breed animals n stuff. (idk)


Feb 6, 2014
Ive got an idea, maybe... It would be like spleef. Everyone is t.ex cookers, in the game. Next game, everyone is hunters/killers. The role is chosen randomly. Just an idea :)


Mar 16, 2014
Nice like the game.Maybe the fourth one could be beeders or well some team witch could defend the biulding.Maybe.Lol:D
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