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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DutchInfinity, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Hi Cubecraft.
    Hi had some ideas for new commands first for friends since its really hard to find and play with friends.

    upgrade /tell (player) (msg):
    Its very simple. The upgrade is that uour able to /tell to players in the same lobby as you AND to all your friends if their in the same lobby as you doesn't matter.

    /party help: shows commands about party (the list down here)
    /party create: Every rsnk player can create an party for him and other players. If you join a map every player in your party will also join this map.
    /party invite (player): invite a player into your party
    /party kick (player): kick a player out of your party
    /party accept (player): join the party of an player that invited you
    /party deny (player): deny the party inventation of an player
    /party leave: leave your current party
    /party disband: disband your current party (you must be party leader)
    /party tp: teleport the player(s) in your party to your lobby
    /party promote (player): promote an player to party leader (this automatticly demotes you as leader/ only the party leader can use this command

    So far the commands now a list of other stuff that i would love to see in the lobby's

    So far cubelets are an amazing thing to see.
    But i still think there is an update you should make,
    If an players owns more than 1 cubelet he/she can use this 2nd cubelet to increase his chance on a specific sort of item or just to get more rare items.
    For example I own 3 cubelets. I pay the cost of 1 to open a cubelet i also pay a 2nd cubelet to get an more rare item and i pay my 3rd 1 to get bigger chance on an Arrow trail. then i get +25% chance on an Arrow trail and an also a bigger chance on a rare-legendary item instead of just uncomman/comman

    Game selector/Lobby selector:
    Both the lobby and game selector are very useful tools but i think there is an update you can make in them.
    In the game and selector you can go with your mouse above the bw for example and then you see a text wich says skywars and more and in the lobby selector you can go above an paper and you see wich lobby it is.

    I think you should also add Friend Online: This thisplays friends that are currently in this game/lobby.

    As ;ast but not least 1 bigger update i think you should make and this 1 is about kits.
    For most the games i love to play (team)skywars and eggwars.
    I think that it would be awesome if you could upgrade your kits. For example in skywars the swordman kit normally gives you an iron sword sharpness 2 but i think it would be awesome that when you pay 1000 it will be iron sword sharpness 3 or diamond sword sharpness 2 and when you upgrade th iron golem kit it will give you full iron with protection 1 and when you upgrade the archer kit youl get 20 arrows instead of 10 or and bow power 2 or infinity if you upgrade it alot.

    I think these command updates and other updates are really amazing an would make cubecraft a lot more awesome.
    I still am doubting how awesome the last 1 will be because you might get really overpowerd then and it will probably be a lot of work but i would love it if you will take a look at the other ideas especially about the friends.
    I (DutchIfninity) have a few friends on cubecraft but I'm not able to reach them and thats really annoying bacause i love to play team skywars and eggwars owith them and ofcourse skywars aggainst them. For now thank you a lot for reading this long post

    DutchInfinity :>)
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    With every rank player I mean also non ranked players
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    I believe this will be implemented in the near future.

    Currently being worked on.

    The current system is okay, -1 from me

    Just ask them where they are? xD
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    Sr. Mod
    Ellie you can't exactly just tell them.

    I kinda like all these ideas to be honest. +1 bro :£
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    Luv it! +1
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    Some good ideas +1