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Jun 5, 2023
da swamp
CubeCraft just announced a new Backrooms event that will most likely be taking place around halloween! We're all still unsure on what this event will hold but this thread has everything that we do know!

There will be both a new Skywars map and Eggwars map!


There will also be a new Backrooms Bundle!

backrooms yellow2.gif

Backrooms Event Competition!

Yes! CubeCraft will most likely be hosting another competition with prizes! Wether it will be an in-game competition like a SkyWars or EggWars tournament or an artistic competition like we just had is still a mystery

Comment below what else you think this spooky update will contain!



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Oct 20, 2020
The date is already known, it was given during the event on discord, those who were present had that preview. 👀


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Mar 6, 2023
can someone catch me up to speed please? What is backrooms
It’s a made-up creepypasta inspired by liminal horror. It started with an image of empty halls, evolved on forechan to a made up story of a world you end up in if you noclip in reality, an endless maze of yellow walls. After it blew up, a community formed, mainly consisting of a wiki and related fandom. People invented a universe of the backrooms complete with “level” which are more like sections or regions of the backrooms, and “entities“ which are typically hostile threats. However, it never really became popular until YouTuber Kane Pixels uploaded a series inspired by the backrooms, which went viral. Over time, younger audiences also came to the community, which has resulted in it becoming more of a joke, which is probably why it’s here on cube.

I personally joined the community as a lurker later into the development of the wiki/fandom. I think the new community is a lot worse, and the old community was kind of dying anyway, becoming scattered creating different “interpretations“ of the backroom. I’m very glad Kane’s videos got made, but I miss the times when the community was of a humble size. While I’m not really interested in the backrooms anymore, a video game inspired by the backrooms, escape the backrooms, seems interesting to me, and I like watching about it on YouTube.
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