My doubts about the rotation system...

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Do you think that the rotation system will work ?

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  1. carrometeoro

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    When the big change came It was like a slap in the face,I was like why??? ,but then I realize that cubecraft was probably running out of money and that's why they had to remove some games....,but that doesn't mean this is the end of "x" game you miss(in my case Blockwars and creative,I was building a big project for months to reach top but I never finished it aaaaaaaaaaaaaa) like johncoles says in "The big change" thread:

    There is something he mention that, although he didn't call it like that, almost anyone I know call it rotation system so I am going to say it that way.I know that is going to be shown off for 2 weeks and be changed every 2 weeks and that a poll will be created when the time comes but I still have a few doubts about how is going to work:

    1.Will the games come back with an update? For example: if blockwars comes back,it will have new kit/maps ?

    2.Older games that were removed before the update (UHC, Moneywalls) will be an option in the votation for the next game?

    3.I know that freebuild it's an special case because it cost a lot to maintain,but is there a chance that it will come back ?

    4.If a new game comes out,the opportunity of the old games to come back will be posterged ? This is because as far I am aware the new games and the older games that are in a time out appear in the same spot so....

    These were my questions,I'll aprecciate if someone answers them.Feel free to comment your doubts/questions below!

    A guy.
  2. Sophie

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    Probably not. It would be too resource-demanding, updating a game that we only get to play for a fortnight.

    I doubt it. These games were removed due to having small player-bases and game-breaking issues. By this point, few people even remember them.

    Again, I doubt it. It is intended to be played over a long span of time, so it would be counter-intuitive to release it in two-week intervals. Plus, you'd have monthly complaints that players didn't get to finish their super epic parkour builds.


    A complete and utter moron.
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  3. Jevmen

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    Why no add a vote option like no void eggwars?

    Do you like this game?
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  4. ChaosConjurer

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    1. That's a possibility. Obviously we can't provide information on our future plans.

    2. This will most likely not occur. Though, the future always remains widely unknown.

    3. There's a chance, but we can't really say one way or the other.

    4. If we released a new game it would most likely be added into the featured section.

    There isn't a lot I'm able to say right now, but what I can say comes directly from Management. I'm not able to go into specific details about our future plans for the network. I can't confirm or deny anything at this time. If you have additional questions feel free to contact me here. I'll attempt to answer as best as possible.
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