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My CCG Story

Apr 15, 2014
It all STarted When My Brother showed me a game Called Minecraft when i was really little. I saw animals and i was like HEY THERES ANIMALS IN THIS GAME CAN WE PUNCH THEM? and thats all i remember when i was little ._. Then when i got older I Was looking for Cops and Robbers Servers. So i found a few And played on them I Had no Friends Though. After a while of Searching I Found CCG. I went on and i went to games And there were no cops and robbers so i was like DIS IS CRAP But then i played Sw And i was like DIS IS NOT CRAP. After i played Survival....It was pretty Boring Since i Had Nobody To Play With. When Survival got Removed i did not Really Care. When Factions Got Put in I Would not Play it since i thought it was More boring So i kept playing sw. After a while I Bought Lapiz And so then I Wanted to try Factions And thats when i met @gymnastobsession She was so Funny And Then I joined Her Faction TeamLegend And met Alot of other cool People there like @strikerach and obilukev. I (Think) gym Interduced me to picklespussycat. She was SO funny And after a while We Became Really Good Friends And lived Our Life As Friends I met alot of other cool People On Cubecraft @PinkStr3ak @ashleyflips @LaserDolphin77 @Fluffys_gurl
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