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My CCG Story So Far!!

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Mar 29, 2014
I have seen that recently lots of people have been doing. My CCG Story so far. So I thought I would have a go. (Thanks to @@Manaphos for showing me it). It all started a long time ago when I had just started to play on servers. I wanted to find a good Survival server with my friend, so I looked it up. And one of the first servers was CubeCraftGames. When I logged on a was in a huge white room with many things to play. I first went on to survival and played with my friend. Soon he stopped playing Minecraft (why?). So then I wanted to play with someone else so I showed my friend (Anonymous) the server and we played on it for a while, but he was so impressed with the server he showed his friend (and my friend) @@AnniBanani838 the server and we all played Survival for a long time. But soon enough we discovered KitPVP. We fell in love with it instantly and kinda left Survival for a while. We started working together and we managed to kill a few diamonds and get their stuff. But soon we got bored of having to work for stuff so we all decided to become a donnor. We all got lapiz. But soon enough @@AnniBanani838 and (anonymous) both upgraded and got gold. So I was left on my own with lapiz. And soon enough Survival disappeared :(.But soon I wanted to show some more people the server because I enjoyed playing on it so much. So I chose to show the server to someone who I thought could show off his amazing building talent to the Admins and Mods on the Creative server. My brother (Quiddles. He doesn't have an account) He started off and built something that he didn't think much of. He builds them all the time in single player worlds. But soon he had to go to uni and he didn't have good internet connection there so he couldn't get on to the server. While he was away @@Cubs909 introduced me to his friend @@Manaphos, she was a bit scared of me to begin with, but soon we became great friends and we play together all the time. But as my brother was away someone pointed out to me that in the new KitPVP map, my brothers building was there. I was shocked and couldn't wait to tell my brother. When he came back I showed him and to begin with he was confused. But at that time the problem with the plots was still happening and someone has stolen his creative plot. At the time @@jinjo90 was on. I told him to talk to him and to see if he could do something to get his plot back. Suddenly Admins and Mods where all at his plot. Then he was asked to go in a call with them so he did. And it turned out that they wanted him to build more stuff for them. So he did, but he struggled sometimes because he still had to go to uni. And at the moment I am still lapiz, but I am thinking of upgrading soon. And I still play with all of the people I have mentioned to this day.
That is my story so far. I'm not sure it is the correct order and I hope I haven't bored you. Thanks for reading
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May 2, 2016
This sounds very good!
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