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My CCG Life.

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Jan 24, 2014
So I found my aunt (yes my aunt) playing minecraft pe, I thought minecraft was like the nerdiest thing ever. I knew what it was at the time, I just never played it. She showed me her house and how zombies come and kill her, and it sounded so fun... I was addicted playing with my cousin (hags25) for hours on the iPad. We mostly did creative cause I didn't like the idea of my dying.. xD


I saved up money, about $30. I wasn't planning on getting the pc version, but my cousin facetimed me saying he was going to get it. I was so jealous I spent my money on the computer. I didn't play singleplayer... The games I would usually play were PVP, Guess the build, and other nooby games. xD I watched Joey Graceffas videos, and when he uploaded his skywars mini game video... I fell in love<3 I imminently looked up what server it was, and it lead me to cube craft. My gosh- I've been playing it for maybe 1.5 years... halfway through I found the website, and I thought I could help people with their forums and stuff, cause I knew a lot about cube craft. And I was facetiming hags at the time, and I thought, and said to him "Lets ask our parents if we can get a iron rank!" both of them let us! (Literally the best thing that ever happend to me on cube craft)

I've met so many friends on cube craft, everyone is so nice, the staffs are just to die for... like oh mehh gooshhh... Now i'm nearing up on 300 messages and hoping to post more and help people out 24/7. Cube Craft isn't something I just do for fun, sometimes I think of it as a job... the best job anyone could ever ask for. Thanks to @rubik_cube_man @halothe23 for being really helpful, @Claudia and @PinkStr3ak for being the best staffs I could ask for, and thanks to @BlueMoon475 @GOMSY @colorful_bananas @blossumwarrior and many many more for being there for me and being the best digital friends I could ask for. c;
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KIppenSoepje wrote on Capitan's profile.
Hey, i already talked with someone from the server about my permanently ban. My name was back then KippenSoepje but now is it RylanLovesPizza. I had a diamond rank and i am so sad that i got permanently banned from the server 2 years ago. I was banned by cc-sentinel, but i didn't knew what i did wrong. Can someone please unban me, because i love the server.
Please take a look at my response to Younisco’s PvP suggestion thread. A put quite a lot of effort into it. https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/pvp-suggestions-we-need-your-help.250079/page-6
Wont be able to play next week from sunday till friday 😢.
ill be back on saturday.
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thank for following o_O
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Is this Patrick?
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