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My CCG life?


Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
Hello there. Mah name is gedas001 as you all should already know. I started playing cc like 3-6 months ago.

I found minecraft because of my cousin. We played creative most of the time, because it was quite fun. After some days, I started doing pixel art. I enjoyed that. I was advertising my plot most of the times (typical ccg player). Later on advertising was against the rules, and then I stoped (of course.)

Then I found forums... In forums, I saw people posting a lot, and being active, like all of the threads had atleast 1 @Claudia 's post or @SevereWarning 's post. But the reason I found forums, is because of an HAHXAHHXAHXHAHXAHXAHXHOR. I had no evidence of him hacking, but I saw it myself. The first guy that replied was @LaserDolphin77 ... The first guy who replied to my first thread... Good times.

I started playing and derping in forums. When I found out that I was an ender, but not with red eyes, I remaded teh skin with red eyes.. Just to join teh red enders.. (high enders #ftw). I never actually had a chance to donate or find to chat with someone, most of the times everyone was busy and stuff.

I don't really know how I became friends with some of the staff, but I liked it. When I found out Severe got mod, I was happy for him, cause he was like the only guy who I was chatting with most of the times. Then @tahatii got mod, which was also fun for us, but sadly he got demoted after some days.

Then my cousin got banned for hacking (Yes he was actually hacking), and it was quite sad, cause I have told him not to hack... But, it was his responsability, so YEAH.

Then later on, I found more and more friendz. More people got mod, more people got demoted.. More people joined ccg, and more chaos started. Suddenly, @PinkStr3ak bought me Iron (Still no idea why), and I was happeh :D

After 2 days, I got mod. How? I don't know. (Luck. (Magic))

I'm more likely just a typical guy in ccg, playing, derping, enjoying the server.

Thanks everyone for reading, and have a good day.
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