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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CamelinaBoat, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Hi, Camel here again. I haven't posted anything in a good bit so i thought i'd just throw this at yall cause why not

    Other Suggestions for TTD:

    Repair Castle for 50 coins/5hp, once Armag mode starts then this ability is disabled.

    Let players buy a diamond sword for 5000 coins.

    Players can have abilities (like potions that are unlocked with XP and then bought with Coins. Some of these abilities would include:

    Tower Frenzy - Double firerates of all of your own towers for a short time.

    Mob Sending Frenzy - Makes the cooldown timer on your own mob sending thing 2 seconds instead of like 12 or whatever it is for the next 3 waves of mobs you send.

    Minutemen - Sends 6 Iron Golems out from the castle to save the day, march to the opposite end of the track, beating down anything in their path (they do not follow enemy mobs, just do a ton of damage in 1 or 2 swings and keep moving) despawn once they reach the opposite end of the track, or if they are alive longer than their duration timer.

    Mob Army - Sends 100 zombies, 20 Zombie Pigmen, 20 skeletons (because they are underpowered and need a buff) 10 Creepers, 4 Slimes, and 1 Giant.

    Deep Freeze - Freezes all mobs on your side of the map for the specified time.

    Mob Invincibility - Makes all of your mobs invincible to all damage for a very short time.

    Hope yall like em,
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    Cool sounds fun, Mob army might be op, but thats why you have Tower Frenzy, I think together it is PERFECT, but alone only adding 1 or 2 things would destroy the balance (If there even is balance) Anyways, I would rate this.