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no its not im getting more people to play on this server
Sorry to rain on your parade, crush your dreams, however you'd like it said, but I'm pretty sure only people who play on CCG quite commonly would be on the forums. Plus only active forum members will probably actually read this thread. If you want to get more players on CCG, you can go spam other servers, get banned, but maybe get new players too!


May 1, 2014
Ishtar Terra
This server IS getting more popular. Two months ago, halo put up a post saying that 2000 players were online. Now, we have hit 2500. Boom, popularity increased.
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Thanks for the follow! ^.^
I have now won 2500 in multiple gamemodes on Bedrock: SG and CTF.
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Congrats :D
Does anyone know when Egg Wars was first added to CubeCraft? I know that it was added prior to late July 2015 because of a forum post discussing new maps for CubeCraft's "most popular game", however I have been unable to find anything from before then.
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