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Jul 31, 2017
Yea look i get what you mean, i agree with a lot but there is one thing i disagree with, if you see someone asking a question you would answer it? I think everyone would.. some people who are new to the server wouldn't like it getting ignored by everyone in the server wouldn't they?

Also it's not always a bad thing, some members who actually want to help could lend the staff-team a hand by answering some of the easy questions such as providing the right links to report someone etc. A lot of mini-modders could use this experience to become a staff themselves in the future if you get what i mean.

I voted yes since it can be really annoying, have a veeeeeeeeeeeery epic and nice day sir Tommy!


Dec 22, 2019
The Future
It was concluded all ready no rules were being broken. Just the forum user describing what answering questions could technically be breaking. So no? No ones breaking rules
Please read this @Matriox: ↡
Regarding to your arguments about the Discord server's rules, I think 'staff help rule' is the strongest one. Basically, people bypass the rule regarding to not answering questions in #staff-help by answering them in other channels. Shouldn't bypassing rules be punishable?
People answer in other channels for the sake of being 'helpful', while I think staff are more than capable of answering questions on their own.

However, I don't want to blame all of this on 'the wannabes', considering I understand why people'd answer questions in other channels when #staff-help is dead (which happens more often than it should).


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Jul 6, 2015
On a more serious note:

Rules are already being broken
When someone is mini-modding there are multiple rules that are broken in some way. I will explain each rule and how they are broken when mini-modding. I will also show a full list of the discord rules. Please note that you aren't breaking any rules when mini-modding, they are included to show that if you look at it another way you can break rules
That is just your incredibly broad view on the rules. You may think it's rulebreaking, but the moderation team currently does not and that's all the matters if it comes to punishments.

Misuse of channels: This rule is against the misuse of channels (see image for the complete rule). This means that you should not post unrelated images in English general, speak Spanish in the Dutch chat, etc. members are breaking this rules when they answer a question from staff help in English general. Since the English chat is meant for chatting and not answering questions.
Answering questions is also chatting.

Staff help is a channel to ask help from staff: There is already a rule that you cannot answer questions in staff help as a normal member. The rule even says: 'The #staff-help channel is only for asking for help from staff". The two words I want to focus on, "from staff". Members who ask in this channel expect a reply from a staff member in that channel. Not a ping in another channel from a member.
In essence, members are not allowed to answer questions in this channel but this has nothing to do with other channels.

Do not impersonate staff: this one is a bit questionable, but it is still a factor. The rule tells you to not impersonate anyone, especially staff. Members may think that you are a staff member after you answered their question. I have seen members ask mini-mods: "are you staff?", after they answered a question from staff help.
So out of curiosity... What did the "mini-mods" say when they were asked if they're staff? Yeah, exactly...

In the staff-help channel there is a pinned message saying that you should only trust links staff members give to you. This is to prevent members stealing your personal data. If you are a new member and you see this pinned message, then you ask for the report site. A few moments later you get pinged in english general and they say where you can report and they provide a link. You can't be sure if you can trust it.
That is true to some degree but I don't see how that's relevant. First of all, if it's a CubeCraft link then all one has to do is just read it a few times and check if it's an official link. If it for some reason would not be, then they don't click it and wait for a staff member to respond instead - but that's their own choice.

"Mini-mods" aren't doing anything wrong if they copy-paste a link to a CubeCraft platform. It's not their fault if another member thinks it's a phishing attempt.

Active members find it annoying
Active members that chat often in the Discord server find it really annoying, one moment you are having an conversation in english general and then a mini-mod comes and answers a question from staff help. If this would happen once it would not be a problem. But it happend so many times a day that you can't have a conversation without being disturbed. And it is not only the answer that disturbs the chat. Members who asked the question then usually say something like "thank you", sometimes they have (multiple) follow-up questions, cluttering the chat even more. English general then is like staff help where members can answer questions.
If they have a problem with "mini-modding" then that's fully on them. How can you ever justify making a rule that prevents someone from helping someone else? There is so little good in this world nowadays, why should we start creating rules for those who are just trying to be helpful.

Members find it cofusing
Many members who ask a question in staff help get confused when someone helps them in english general. They get an answer not from a staff member, not in a channel where they expected the answer and they now get their reply in a channel that is also used for chatting regularly, the answer could get lost very fast. Mini-mods can also give wrong or outdated information to members what is not good. This all creates a very confusing discord server for members.
Members also find it annoying when they get helped by a mini-mod instead of staff. I have seen many members say: "Are you a staff?". And when the mini-mod replies with no they get annoyed.
This one I can, sort of, get behind. Though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion.

If this were to get implemted there should be a punishment track. I think it should get the same punishment track as misuse of channels, but this is open for debate. The punishment for misuse of channels is: Punishment track: Warning → 3 days ban → 7 days Ban → 30 days ban → Permanent ban
As I said: getting punished for helping someone. Really?
Nov 23, 2020

Hey Guys and Girls,
I wanted to give a small insight on my opinion on this topic. I can adjust this a bit, because i currently "help" out as mentioned in this report.

I personally dislike both of the Names as of Wannabe and Mini-Mod, since both are negatively connoted to me. As of that I will use the term "Helpful" Member/Player. :heart:

I hope I can give you guys a bit of more info on my opinion and thanks for reading.

Personal Opinion

"Broken" Rules:
Personally, I don't agree with the apparent "breaking" of rules. It has been made clear multiple times previously by staff that helping members in #english-general is allowed. The following reasons are, from my perspective, not being broken currently in any way.

  • Misuse of channels
The misuse of channels is interesting, but very clear to me. The set rules for #english-general and #staff-help only apply to the specific channel they are used for. These rules do not count in other channels. You can discuss every topic in #english-general, as long as it follows the #english-general - rules and the general #rules-and-faq. There currently is not a exception to this so this rule does not apply.
  • Staff-Only Helping
The Staff-Only Helping discussion is generally really interesting aswell and focuses on the #staff-help ruleset. "Ask your questions here and staff will answer when they can!" This generally has its similarities to the Misuse of channels problem earlier. It only applies to #staff-help and not to other channels and is not punishable.
But since this discussion is not entirely about deeming it punishable by the current ruleset, but to find a reason to make it punishable in the future it also has to seen from this perspective as in the intention of the ruleset of #staff-help as mentioned above. The questions are directed to staff and not always directly to players. The different that has to be cut at this point, is that (out of personal experience) alot of questions in #staff-help are from new players who ask simple questions, just because they simply did not know about the existance of #helpful-links / #report-a-player / #report-a-bug. Those questions are not always needed to wait for a staff member and can be helped by "helpful" players, who do not seek to be proving to be a helper, but who want to give back to the community and enjoy helping out.
  • Impersionation
Considering Impersionation, replying to questions in #english-general is not illegal in any way to me. If you are actively having actions such as direct signs to show that you are a staff - member, such as commanding people or giving the feeling to be a staff - member repeatingly then that is already covered by the Impersionation rule. If people generally ask if the "helping" person is a staff - member, they usually get the reply "No, i just wanted to help." and if this would not be the case, then that would definitely be illegal. But i have not seen this occur on the discord yet.
  • Trusted Links
To me this is the strongest argument and a part that I partially agree with. Player Safety is really, really, really important to ensure a trustful environment from player to server base. But, misleading players is not what the people this rule would affect do. The people this part targets is people trying to phish and that can be done in any way and is already deemed illegal. The actual "helping" people do not do this.

"Disturbance" / "Helpful?"
Considering the more "personal" and "objective" arguments, which are always to be seen personal and can be discussed more freely then rulebound arguments.

  • Chat Disturbance
Interrupting #english-general discussions is generally not illegal by any kind. It can be annoying to the people in that discussion, but I do not see this as a major problem. Out of experience the chat can get split up into multiple sub discussions anyways of players greeting each others and a single message can get lost in the chat easily. Creating a entire new channel just for helping would just create new problems and more not essential channels out of my experience. I understand why people might find this annoying, but I do not agree.
  • Wrong Information
This is the most important argument you brought up in my opinion. Misleading players unsure of rules can lead to alot of problems. I personally always add a part where I state clear that i am unsure about a current rule or question. But answering complex questions wrong can definitely lead to be a problem and should be marked as a reply of that kind imo.
  • Staff Applicants
(Personal) I personally do not reply to questions in #english-general to get a better chance at becoming a helper in the future. I generally enjoy helping and want to give back a bit to the community. It is not about the reward, more about being nice to newer players and leading them on the correct way, especially because some players do not have a load of patience and understand how the #staff-help system works.


Generally I have to disagree to set helping on the same level as misuse of channels. It is controversial to discuss because trying to be a helpful part of the community should not be punished, but can also lead to wrong information and problems regarding player safety.
The "helping" can be split up into different groups, problematic help, potential-problematic help and non-problematic help.

Non-problematic help: Forwarding people to channels such as #helpful-links / #report-a-player / #report-a-bug. This will not conflict with wrong information since you just show them the reply to the Staff answer to that question.

Potential-problematic help: Replying on simple common questions, where a direct connection in the above mentioned chats is not required. (These would be normal and for established players common knowledge questions)

Problematic help: This is replying to complex questions, that the "helping" person might give wrong information about and potentially create problems. These are (out of experience) rarely answered by "helpful" members.

It is possible to only allow the "Non-problematic help" and punish slightly for the rest. But I do not agree with players getting punished for trying to be a good member of the server and helping out newer players.

Being a friendly, helping community should be promoted and not forbidden via rules.


Feb 16, 2021
i would also have to disagree, those that u call "mini-mods" are just trying to help, and they often do so, in easter event a guy helped me to get emeralds and it was very nice, and also english general is not a chatting place, its general, u can help people there as well.
Nov 29, 2020
Damn I didn’t know Ccg discord could get more strict...
Ps staff aren’t always online(judging by the fact that the last time staff has replied on staff help was almost 5 hours ago)
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Oct 13, 2016
Hello MrTommy!
After discussing this suggestion with the moderation team, it has been decided not to implement your suggestion. Unfortunately we do not yet have enough staff to handle the staff-help channel 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and so it is possible that at times the channel may be unattended.
With this in mind, it means that if someone answers a simple question in the #english-general channel, it means that we will also not be able to punish them for breaking this rule because there will not be a moderator available.
On the other hand, punishing for this is basically punishing for helping. We know that the no reply rule in staff-help basically penalises for helping, but this exists mostly to keep that channel organised and to make the user understand that official replies will always be received in that channel.
Finally, there will be a problem because a line will have to be drawn between what can be considered "acceptable". If a user helps another user at 3AM by redirecting him to the report site, no moderator will want to punish them 4 hours later for giving a correct answer at a time when no one else was available. Having to draw a line between acceptable and unacceptable will lead to accusations of favouritism, and therefore problems in moderation.

In summary: the moderation team does not consider this rule to be enforceable, and therefore we cannot create a rule that we ourselves cannot enforce.
Thank you very much for your suggestion, and I am very sorry to have to deny it. I hope you have a good week!
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