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Jun 17, 2018
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🎮 MinerWare is a collection of microgames and boss battles..!

This thread will cover:

-General information about MinerWare
-Microgames + Boss battles
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Jun 17, 2018

🕹️ General information about MinerWare!

  • Whoever gets the most points wins the game
  • A microgame is worth 1 point
  • A boss game is worth 3 points
  • There are a total of 15 microgames and 1 boss game in a game of MinerWare
  • There is a maximum of 12 players per game
  • There are 2 difficulties: Normal & Hard
  • Only players with Emerald+ are able to vote
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Jun 17, 2018
🕹️ Microgames & Boss battles!

🕹️ Microgames!

[Red identifies what exactly is different in HARD mode]

Wait For It… - Do a quick and easy task before the time runs out.
There are now more tasks that can pop up, watch out!

Milk The Cow - There are chests filled with buckets, take a bucket, and milk the cow.
Fewer buckets are available than usual.

Stack 10 Blocks High Tower - You get a couple of blocks, stack up 10 blocks before the timer runs out.
Your tower now has to be 12 blocks high.

Fly To The Moon - Fly up to the moon.
There are some obstacles on your way to the moon.

Be last Knight Standing - Everyone is equipped with armor, a shield, and a sword. Survive.
You’ve got a better sword but your armor will be weaker.

Dodge Anvils - Anvils fall from the sky, don’t die.
More anvils are falling and they’re starting closer from the ground.

Get A <Flower> - There is a field with many different flowers, pick the right one.
You’ve got only 1 chance to pick the right flower.

Cooks request - The chef has requested some food for you to gather! Look in the chests and cook the food with the furnace, and give him the food to complete the microgame!
You'll have less time to complete this

Solve Equation - You get a math question, solve it to get a point.
The question will be a little harder.

Build Crafting Table - You get a stack of bone meal and one sapling.
Plant the sapling, break a block, and make a crafting table.

The amount of time to do this is reduced.

Answer Question - You get a question
The question is harder to answer.

Keep Running, Fast - Everyone gets a high-speed effect, keep moving but don’t die.
The obstacles now change into lava.

Thin Ice - The ice is melting below your feet - make sure you don't fall in the water!
The ice melts much faster, don't drown!.

Ride A Cow - Cows will spawn, and you need to make sure to sit on one before the time runs out.
There are fewer cows to sit on.

Harvest the Crop - You need to harvest the crop it tells you to... good luck, as it keeps changing!
You'll only have one chance to complete this one - don't mess up!.

Don't Stop Sneaking - You need to keep sneaking.
TNT falls from the sky, watch out!

Build A Snow Golem - Do you want to build a snowman? You should if you want a point.
People will have more snowballs to hit you off.

Feed Blob - Gather enough nutrition to feed Blob.
More nutrition is required to make Blob happy.

Find the Sapling - You need to harvest the crop it tells you to... good luck, as it keeps changing!
You have only 1 chance to click the right sapling - don't mess up!

Hot Drop - You will be put in a glass cage above the lava, land on a slime block.
Lava blocks are changed to emerald blocks for more confusion.

Musical Chairs - Sit on a chair once the music ends.
The chairs are not already placed there and there are also fewer chairs to sit on.

Loot Chests & Kill All - Loot chests and kill other people.
The loot findable in the chests will be less powerful.

Mine <Ore> - You will be put onto a platform of cobblestone with under there a bunch of ores. Mine the right ore before the time ends.
TNT may appear as well, don’t break them or you will die.

Craft <Item> - Craft the correct item.
The corresponding item is harder to craft.

Fight and Sleep - Zombies have invaded Minerware! Kill them all, and race each other to the bed.
There are more zombies to kill!

Stand On <Color> - The floor will turn into wool, stand on the right color or lose the microgame.
A wider range of colored wool – harder to find and harder to win!

Stand On Diamond - Small diamond platforms will be spawned, stand on one before the normal blocks turn into void.
There are fewer diamond platforms.

Good Door, Bad Door - You spawn on a platform and you should try and make your way to the beacon - watch out though, as people can close the door on your face, and you fall into the void!
Harder path to get to the beacon, try to not get lost!

Lava Floor! - The floor slowly turns into lava, survive!
The rate of the change is increased

Parkour & Eat Cake - Do the parkour and eat the cake to get a point.
There is only 1 person who can eat the cake

Shear 12 Sheep - Tons of sheep will spawn, shear at least 12 to get a point.
You now have to shear 14 sheep instead of 12

Win Snow Fight - The players will be divided in teams, throw snowballs at as many people as possible. Which team survives, wins.
There are 6 teams instead of 2

Mushroom Parkour - Parkour as you love it, but with jump boost and a new Mushroom theme, and jump boost!

Jump & Catch 5 Emeralds - The floor will be turned into slime blocks. Jump into the air and catch at least 5 emeralds.

Bounce around to get not 5, but 8 emeralds!

Dress Like The Mannequins - You get a bunch of leather dyed armor in your inventory, you need to put on the same clothing as the mannequins.
Shorter time and the mannequins are harder to equip

Ignite The TNT - There will be TNT placed, ignite at least one.
Fewer TNT blocks are spawned

Sumo Smash - Fling each other into the air, and into the void with your sumo smash abilities!
The knockback that is given has increased

Enchant the Item - Enchant the correct item with the correct enchantment.
More enchantments to add and less time

Cactus Slap - Cactus will spawn and you get a knockback stick, don’t die.
Opponents not being hit into cacti? No problem! You can slay them with your sword instead.

Fill the Tank - A random puddle will form on the platform, and you need to fill the tank - collect the water from the puddle, and click on the furnace to fill it up!
You'll have less to time to complete this, hurry up!

Balance Beam - Run across the balance beam without falling off or being shot off.
A little harder parkour to run over.

Sea Guardians - The floor will be turned into a water cube with a single platform in the middle. Stand on top of it when the timer ends, to get a point.
Gold blocks are disturbing your way to the platform.

Nerd Poling - In the corners there are chests, click on it to get blocks and snowballs. Build up to the platform in the air and stand on it to win. Don’t get hit off tho.
Instead of wool blocks, you will get sand blocks. If you get shot off you’ll have to start all over again!

Hole in the Wall - You'll get teleported into a room and the walls will begin contracting! Be sure to fit through the holes in the 4 walls that come towards you to win the microgame!
The challenge will be harder and so on the holes are smaller.

Egg Battle - Everyone will be divided into two teams. You and your team need to either kill everyone on the opposite team or break their egg.
Zombies will be spawned, they can hit you now too!

Drop - Make it to the bottom without dying.
Little harder parkour with fewer blocks to land on.

Chicken Shooter - Chickens will fall from the sky, shoot enough of them.
Shoot 10 chickens instead of 8, you murderer!

Buy Item - Villagers and chests will spawn. Get the right item and trade it with the villagers to get a point.
You may have to trade twice now with the villager.

Explosive Bow Battle - Everyone will get an explosive bow and arrows. Don’t die.
Instead of iron armor, you now have chain armor.

Stay On Top Or Else - Jump up and stand on the emerald. Don’t die.
Your opponents have a knockback stick to knock you off, try to stay on there!

King Of The Hill - The platform will be turned into a hill. Everyone gets knockback sticks. Stand on top of the hill when the timer ends.
Wood swords are given instead of sticks – you can now slay your opponents!

Hide Under Block - Blocks will spawn in the air, hide under them, and don’t die by players or the arrows.
Less space to hide under from the falling arrows.

Survive Shulker Onslaught - The map will be filled with shulkers, don’t get hit by them.
Slowness is given for less agility against the projectiles.

Avoid Hot Potato - A couple of players will get a hot potato, make sure you don’t have it when the timer ends.
More people will appear to have a potato

Knock Everyone Off - Everyone gets a slimeball with knockback, you need to knock everyone off without dying yourself.
The knockback is increasing faster than usual

Hatch Chickens - You get an inventory filled with eggs. Hatch enough chickens.
You will have to hatch 10 chickens instead of 8. How sweet

Explosive Catch - Everyone has a throwable TNT, don’t die.
The armor that should protect you is less powerful

Lightning Strike - Avoid the lightning strikes.
There are more lightning strikes coming your way!

Drop Tower - Rush to the bottom floor before the timer ends.
The tower is much higher than normal

Platform Plummet - Don't fall off as the platforms around and underneath you crumble away.
The platforms are 3x3 instead of 2x2

Find The Item - Search through the chests to find the item you need. If you click the wrong item: you die.
There are double chests instead of single chests now

Jump Rope - Jump over the lasers.
There are more lasers to jump over. Are you a bunny?

Color Collection - Pick a unique color nobody else has.
There are fewer colors to choose from

Stepping Stones - Jump from platform to platform, be quick before they disappear.
Platforms are smaller and there are more jumps to make

Feed Animals - Feed the given amount of animals.
Fewer animals are spawned than usual, you better be fast!

One In A Chamber - You're given a bow, 1 arrow and a sword. Shoot someone, they instantly die. Kill someone, you get a new arrow.
You'll get a better sword

Find The Button - Find the stone- or wooden button.
Buttons are harder to find, keep searching!

Less Is Better - There are 2 colors, stand on the side with the least amount of players.
Nothing too special, there are some gaps in the ground

Tower Climb - Climb the tower before the timer ends.
The tower is much taller

🕹️ Boss battles!

Fly Through Hoops - Everyone gets an elytra and you need to try and fly through the most hoops.

Lucky PvP - You get teleported into an area with a bunch of lucky blocks. Break them to get stuff and be the last man standing.

Spleef - You get a shovel and you need to try and survive whilst mining the floor underneath your enemies.

Bow Spleef - Don’t die as players try and shoot the floor underneath you.

Color Floor - Color the most floor to your color.

TNT Run - You get teleported onto a TNT platform, don't fall as the TNT vanishes underneath you.

Hook the mob! - You have a pit to capture animals in with your fishing rod - the person with the highest number of captures will win the bossgame!
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Jun 17, 2018
💎 Achievements!

💎 General Achievements!

Am I doing it right?
Throw all snowballs to other players in the build a snowman microgame.

Careful scaling
Drop down with full health in the ''drop down'' microgame

Crazy crafting
Craft 4 crafting tables in the craft a crafting table microgame

Feeling sheepish
Shear a pink sheep.

Catch 5 TNT in a single game of explosive catch.

Milking madness
Milk the cow 15 times in the ''Milk the cow'' microgame

Accidentally blow up the ore you are looking for in the ''mine the ore'' microgame

Punch the cow
Punch the cow in the milk the cow microgame

The kernel
Earn 25 wings in a single game of chicken shooter.

Tower breaker
Break the tower building challenge

Catch 10 emeralds in emerald catch in a single game

Wall breaker
Succesfully pass through all walls in the '''Hole in the wall'' microgame

Give Mr. Blobbo 100 nutrition in a single game of feed bod

7-second drop
Get to the bottom floor of the drop tower in 7 seconds or less

Are you even trying?
Score 0 in a game

Fly 100 blocks high in the fly to the moon microgame

Everyone lives
Play a game of colour collection where everybody lives

Find the null
Find the null in the find the item microgame. No, it’s not a glitch.

Cross the balance in less than 3.5 seconds in the cross the balance beam microgame

The rare mush
Find a mushroom in the ''Finding the sapling'' microgame

Villagers luck
Kill a zombie villager in the ''Fight and sleep'' microgame

Hatch a pig
Hatch a pig in the hatch egg game

Iron man
Create an iron golem in the build a golem game

Made for walking
Never stop walking in the ''Doge the falling anvils'' microgame

No peeking
Win the ''Thimble'' microgame looking up!

Minerware addict
Play 10,000 microgames

Perfect game
Win every microgame and the boss game in a single game

Quick & effective
Enchant the correct item in less than 5 seconds in enchant the correct item microgame

Through the loop
Reach the end of the hoops in the fly through hoops boss game

💎 Progressive Achievements!

A winner is you
Win your first game of MinerWare

Minor miner
Win 10 games of MinerWare

Wah hah hah!
Win 100 games of MinerWare

Microgames master
Win 1,000 games of MinerWare

Miner maestro
Win 10,000 games of MinerWare

Stonk wins!
Play 10,000 microgames.

Simple win
Play 1 microgames.

Big wins
Play 10 microgames.

Large wins
Play 100 microgames.

Mega wins
Play 1000 microgames.


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