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Do you support an RTS minigame on this server?

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    This idea is actually based on 2 things: starcraft and an old RTS (real time strategy) mod someone made and shared on minecraftforum. Since CubeCraft has a few unique games such as RTS and no server has this, I thought of this idea for a unique minigame. Some of you may be unfamiliar with the RTS genre but familiar with MOBA games such as LoL. The concept of a MOBA comes from RTS, as we'll see here:

    What is an RTS? What's different about it compared to a MOBA?
    As an RTS player, some of the aspects remain the same such as micromanaging (microing). Your objective is the same: kill your opponent by destroying all his buildings or have him surrender. In an RTS, 2 or more players fight against each other. Unlike a MOBA, players micro their army in battles and macromanage (macro) their production to produce units, income, and upgrades. Players themselves are not on the battlefield unlike action games or MOBA - they play the role as a commander.

    Features (Note if it's considered, then developers can make changes at their discretion. These are just features I suggest):
    -Mineral and wood count: Minerals are obtained when workers mine for ores; wood is obtained from trees as usual. These are used to build units and structures, wood for basic and minerals for some higher tier 1 and up units/tech.
    -Unit limit (or supply in SC2, military size in Anno, etc): Thought you could build infinite troops and wreck the battlefield? Nope. There's a limit as to how many troops you can build (cap it something around 100 to prevent too much lag?). If you do not have enough supply to build units, then you will not be able to train units until you build more supply. Have a building that workers can place to increase supply limit. ALL units, including workers and combat units, require supply and resources to be built.
    -Upgrades. As I suggested in my 1v1 TD thread, units can have numerical (damage and armor upgrades) or qualitative (specific upgrades such as unlocked abilities or +25% speed for a specific unit). Weapon upgrades add 10% more damage or at least +1 point, whichever is greater. Armor always adds +1 armor. Both weapon and armor can be researched up to 3 times. Qualitative upgrades, however, are researched only 1 time for the match.

    Example: An attack that normally deals 30 damage is upgraded to 33 with a level 1 weapon upgrade. For an attack that deals 6 damage, it now deals 7 with the same weapon upgrade.

    -Production buildings. We have a foundation building (all players start with 1 and only this and some workers at the start) to collect resources. Foundation buildings can train workers, these in turn also able to produce a variety of buildings from tech (upgrade) buildings, production buildings to produce combat units, and defensive buildings such as turrets.
    -Player can move anywhere, but can see only where his units can see. If not, then the player has blindness until he returns within his units' "sight range."
    -"Spellcaster" units have a certain amount of energy needed to cast abilities.
    -Mob/building armor: Armor reduces the damage taken by 1 per level. Example: A mob with 1 armor takes damage from a mob that deals 6 damage per attack. The receiver will take 5 damage in this case.

    Units (ALL units cost supply, resources, and time to build)
    -Worker unit (enderman): Worker unit that can harvest materials and build structures. Has a basic attack, but it is the weakest unit to attack with. Attacks ground only. Workers can also be assigned to relocate buildings, but buildings must not be producing units or researching tech. Infested buildings retain the ability to be relocated. Workers benefit only from armor upgrades, not weapon.

    Tier 1 units
    -Basic melee combat unit (zombies): Melee warrior that is strong in swarms. Can upgrade for faster move speed. Attacks ground only. Costs wood only.
    -Basic ranged unit (skeleton): Ranged support warrior. Can upgrade to increase firing speed. Attacks ground and air (range: 7 blocks). Costs wood and minerals.
    -Suicide unit (creeper): Suicide bomber that instantly explodes on death or when reaching its target. Explosion deals splash damage to those in a small radius. Damage dealt is based on proximity. Costs wood and minerals. Attack range: melee (explosion range is 3 blocks)

    Tier 2 units (requires tier 1 production building unlocked and in the map). At this point all units as tier 2 and up require both wood and minerals.
    -Magma Cube: tough melee unit that can split into smaller, weaker cubes on death.
    -Witch: Support spellcaster that can heal friendly troops and/or weaken enemies. Can detect hidden/cloaked units by toggling healing off. Cannot attack by itself.
    -Villager: Defensive spellcaster that can buff friendly troops such as shielding 1 unit, boost production speed, etc. Cannot attack by itself.
    -Silverfish: Infestation/offensive spellcaster that can slow down enemies or instantly kill 1 by incubating 2 spiders inside it. Spiders are very weak timed melee units (cost 0 supply) that deal low melee damage and have low HP. Most feared is its ability to infest buildings if they are badly damaged, bringing them under the silverfish's control. Infested buildings are restored to full HP upon infestation and have the ability to produce spiders and endermites, weak but mass-producible melee units. Infested buildings lose the ability to produce their original units/upgrades.
    -Pigman: Cloaked unit that has high damage but low HP. Attacks ground units only (melee range). Way more expensive than zombies but can deal a lot damage if the opponent lacks adequate detection.

    Tier 3 units (requires tier 2 building unlocked and in the map).
    -Ghast: Siege unit that can attack from far away (range: 15 blocks). Deals splash damage though not as much as creepers.
    -Blaze: Flying unit that attacks 3 times but has a short range (4 blocks). Can attack ground and air units. Has 2 upgrades: cloak and +20% speed. Researching its cloaking upgrade will allow it to cloak briefly for 30 seconds. Low HP per mob.
    -Ender dragon: The most expensive unit in the game and only 1 per army can be on the battlefield. Mostly support but has a ranged attack. Can teleport any nearby friendly units back to the main base and deal area damage enemies with its dragon fireball ability.
    -Guardian: Flying unit that attacks ground and air units (7 block range). Strong against tough units.
    -Iron golem: Tough, high damage melee unit with good armor and HP. Slow however.
    -Slime: Air transport that can pick up to 8 small units (or up to 4 medium or 2 large units). Drops 1 unit at a time. No attack.

    Buildings (Names are tentative. Cost wood, minerals, and time. Workers must also continue building until the structure is complete):

    Basic buildings
    -Den of the dead: Tier 1 production facility that produces zombies, creepers, and skeletons. Creepers require an additional building to be built. Cost: wood, 60 seconds
    -Hut: Building that provides supply. Cost: wood, 30 seconds
    -End structure: The foundation and the starting building for all players. Provides 2x the supply as a hut but costs 4x as much. This is where endermen send harvested resources. Additional buildings can be built but they're expensive. Cost: Wood, 100 seconds?
    -Training center: Building that unlocks creepers when a Den is built. Has numerical upgrades. Cost: Wood, 35 seconds
    -Turret: Static defense building that provides detection and deals damage only to air enemies in range. Does not benefit from upgrades. Detection range is 10 blocks and detects hidden/cloaked air and ground units. Attack range: 8 blocks. Cost: Wood, 30 seconds

    Advanced buildings
    -Spire: Produces villagers, witches, cubes, and golems. Cost: Wood, minerals, 60 seconds
    -Wizard's tower: Unlocks villagers, witches, golems, and the level 2 and 3 numerical upgrades. Cost: Wood, mineerals, 70 seconds
    -Airport: Trains flying units. Requires a spire to be built. Can be upgraded to unlock Blaze upgrades and the ender dragon. Cost: Wood, minerals, 80 seconds. Upgrading the airport costs wood, minerals, and 100 seconds.

    Unlike most minigames that give a set reward, this game gives an initial reward and a bonus. This bonus is determined based on your performance, whether you win or lose (losers get a smaller bonus). The maximum number of cubelets you can get in this game is still capped to 1 per match.

    Initial reward is fixed: about 50 XP, 10 points, half the default chance of getting a cubelet (assuming a cubelet has a 20% drop rate, this becomes 10%). This is awarded to the winner only.

    Bonus reward is based on how long the game went, whether you won or lost, what you killed, time you were supply blocked (having full supply/inability to constantly create units), and how many unspent resources you have. The more resources you spent and the less you were supply blocked, the better. A super fast (<4min) or really slow game (>30min) won't give you the "short game" bonus however.

    A maximum bonus reward can be +100 XP, +20 points, and the default chance of getting a cubelet. Losing players get a fifth of this.

    Any comments and feedback below appreciated.
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    RTS = Real Time Strategy
    So it'll be like Tower Defence buildings, using schematics and etc. Mob AI might be a bit difficult but I'm always down for some RTS games since I am a big fan of games like Red Alert 2 or Age of Empires.
    Some balancing might be needed tho.
    I don't think I'll be able to contain myself if RTS is a thing. Great Idea.
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    Great idea man it would be the same like towerdefence but then with shematics like @Waveware said
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    Seems a cool idea. As soon as I finish Prison Riot I might do something similar to this.
  5. Power Ranger

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    I think it would be a very cool thing for cubecraft to have :D
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    So, a few hints and a few extra notes. Some edits added to the OP.

    -Tier 1 units are not something to underestimate. They pair better with numerical and qualitative upgrades. En mass and with support, they make one of the best units in your army. Alone or in small numbers, weak. In large numbers and used properly, they're deadly. Of course, you'll need some tier 2 and up to support them. Weakness: splash damage.
    -Mitigate this weakness by splitting your troops into smaller and smaller groups. As you get better, this can go split down to just 1-2 per group against a lot of splash damage units.
    -Unlike TD, upgrades require time to research them (e.g. 3 minutes at least for level 1 damage and armor upgrades). Qualitative upgrades are researched one time and can be shorter (about 1min).
    -Tier 2 and 3 units are the most expensive in terms of resource and supply but are great for support. Sometimes building a set amount is useful just to take out specifc enemy units or for other roles.
    -Timing when you upgrade, send your army out, and get more resources with an additional base (expanding) is important.

    As for balancing: certain units are strong against others but are weak to others. We can take SC2's damage calculation in that certain units deal bonus damage against others (e.g. explosions deal 120% damage against armored units, 100% against others) or SC1's way when units deal reduced damage against specific targets (e.g. explosion damage against small-class mobs deal 50% damage. Medium sized mobs take 75% damage and large mobs take 100% damage).

    Yes, there would be schematics that workers can build if they have the requirements to build it (e.g. to build tier 1 unit production buildings they require their HQ (foundation structure) and 1 supply building (e.g. supply depot). If the player does not have any of those (even after building them and they all get destroyed), the workers cannot build it until they're rebuilt.

    More units can be added to the list for sure.

    All in all, it still boils down to how well a player can macro and micro.
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    I've actually thought of a few things about this before. And me being the obvious genius like Donald Trump, +1 100%
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    I support this idea :)
    If it gets added to CubeCraft which I think it will, then I will make a video of it :D
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