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Oct 20, 2013
Hello πŸ‘‹

A follow up to my previous thread

Due to time constraints it's been difficult to maintain the map submissions forum. We only had time to review a handful of maps during December, that have been released onto the server for the Winter map updates. We appreciate the work you builders put into your maps, in wanting to make an impact on the server, and bettering player experience! It's extremely generous and kind of you. Unfortunately, we can't say yes to everybody.

Map submissions have been on the backburner. This is mainly due to:
  • A large number of projects the team are collectively working on. (we're busier than ever)
  • We have some builders working full time since my last post. So it's easier to ask them to make a map in a couple of hours and give them specific instructions.
  • In certain cases it can take longer editing someone else's work, in comparison to making the map from scratch.
This will be frustrating for some of you reading who have submitted a map or wanting to submit a map. As we will be closing submissions until the team is less busy, as it's simply not manageable with our current ongoing projects.

We will review the current map submissions submitted, however I cannot give a time or date when that will be, as I honestly don't know. If you want to withdraw any of your map submissions, as you want to use it for something else, feel free

Sucky news, but honest news, here are memes, hopefully it'll give you a laugh



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