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Map Submissions & Design Team recap


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Oct 20, 2013
Hello 👋

The past 2 and a half months have been a busy one wow :shrekooh:
The epic builders out there may be wondering, why is nobody replying my map submissions!??! :confusedcat:

To be fully transparent, processing these submissions can be time consuming. Currently we don't want to release accepted map submissions until the end of the year. After seeing how loved the 5 weeks of Summer was, we feel doing a similar style of updates during Winter could be pretty good

💌 Q & A

  • So you're not going to reply to them at all?
    • Some Designers may reply yes and give you constructive feedback, however we will not process the submission in terms of accepting or denying, until later in the year
  • Will my map submission get missed if you're going to take months to look at them again?
    • No, it will require a large dedicated amount of time to properly review them all, but we will do them all.
  • Can I still make a new map submission?
    • Absolutely! We love to see the creations you talented bunch can make.
  • If you have more questions feel free to tag me and ask below
    • Pls no dm on forums, discord or in game. Other people may have the same question as you, so I'd prefer to answer it once in a single location! Thank you! :heart:

🎨 Design Recap

Let's review the releases and our design teams 'server' milestones over the past 2 and a half months! The combination between design and community have lead to some great content!
  • Jun 3 - Lobby update - 4 NEW lobbies on Bedrock - potentially NEW SG map came out too (can't remember lol)
  • Jun 11 - Beta games released on Bedrock - 1 NEW lobby and 3 BlockWars maps converted - including 1 NEW map submission (bzzz by Elivat)
  • June 16 - Chaos SkyWars weekend - 2 NEW maps added
  • Jun 24 - Broke our player record - 38k+ :babyyoda: "it's enough to make a grown man cry"
  • Jun 30 - BlockWars map update - 1 map converted - 1 NEW map added, a map submission (Tetromino by Andyyy)
  • Jul 1 - Design Applications OPEN
  • Jul 2 - Summer Update - Themed lobby with head hunt newly configured
  • Jul 9 - 5 Weeks of Summer - Part 1 - 3 NEW maps
  • Jul 16 - 5 Weeks of Summer - Part 2 - 3 NEW maps - including a map submission (Sakura by Basketman, Zubi, Thijs_pro and Sifenly)
  • Jul 21 - Lucky Islands released on Bedrock - 10 maps converted/tweaked - including 2 NEW maps
  • Jul 30 - 5 Weeks of Summer - Part 3 - 3 NEW maps
  • Aug 5 - EggWars Update - 3 NEW maps - including 2 map submissions (Undergrowth and Blossom by 13thdoctor)
  • Aug 6 - 5 Weeks of Summer - Part 5 - 3 NEW maps - including 1 map submission (Robots by Andyyy)

🤓 Fun Design Facts!

From 1 June 2020
  • 20 map submissions have been accepted since opening - 7 of these are BlockWars :shreklook:
  • We have released collectively 21 new permanent maps and 5 new lobbies
  • 6 map submissions have been released!
  • Design team have released 13 pieces of Marketplace content:
    • 8 Skin packs
    • 3 Survival spawns
    • 2 Minigames
    • 5 Marketplace game trailers
  • Design team have expanded
    • From 20 to 25 active Designers
    • Our Market QA team has also expanded thanks to some enthusiastic mods!
  • Over 100 custom 3D models have been created for Minigames, Marketplace maps and Bedrock cosmetics
We're going to take a little hiatus from map submissions, and we won't be reviewing/accepting any map submissions until late October/November. Also we released a bunch of content :heart:

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