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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Serializator, Nov 2, 2014.

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    * In this thread I am going to use Skywars as an example. *


    It is really annoying when you want to play a specific map but there is no server that is running that map, if there is no map with the map you want you need to wait till there is a server that is using the map.

    My idea is to create signs where you can click on and create a personal game with the map you want. To prevent that there are 6 games with the map "Century" you should check if there is already a server with the map selected and if the server is open to join you should be teleported to that server instead of creating a new one.

    I hope this idea will help to improve the server.
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    Where would the signs go? Can't you just like, run around a bit and find it like that?
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    well, that does work in some cases, but whenever i play sw with one of my friends, they want to play a slecific map, and often times it might be easy to find the map they wanted to play, or my friends and i will be running around, board to board, for 5 to 10 minutes. so yes, running around could work just as easily. Patients is needed while doing so though. so, i think this is a good idea to add, but as Aimee said before, looking for the map on different boards could work just as well.
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    The system I suggested would just replace the current map selection, so all signs will be signs to create a new game.
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    If there is no server with the map you want: Click Sign >> Inventory GUI >> Select map you want >> Create server with map >> Teleport to the server.
    If there is a server with the map you want: Click Sign >> Inventory GUI >> Select map you want >> Teleport to the server.

    If you use this system it would take less then one minute to play in the map you want.
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    I like it, but I suspect there may be some trouble coding it. At the moment new arenas come up regardless of currently available arenas. I guess this means the list of currently available arenas is not easily queried.

    Re: not good for teams: this is sort of a "single riders" queue. Playing teamed with friends is a big advantage already so I wouldn't complain too much.
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    With the current system that is used players can team with a group of 6 players if they want, just click the sign at the same moment with 6 open slots.