Looking for Machinima actors!

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by BlueEagle, Mar 6, 2016.

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    So i have posted this a long time ago but since the people that were saying that they wanted to do it, they never responded back, lol, so again we are still looking for people to take roles for two characters:

    Brittney: Warrior girl, basically a girl that has a hard attitude and you don't want to piss her off, she is the person of the group that mostly defends them.

    James: So James is British guy, but again that can change if you still want the role, he comes from a world that takes partially in a world that is out of order, the government is gone and people are freely to do whatever they want, which causes chaos, hes mostly a killer sometimes, steals, but he has a good heart.

    So we are trying to get people in these roles as soon as possible, but there are recommendations to be able to join, and i know im a little strict, but this story has been on works for over a year now:

    Mic: Good, you have to be able to be heard clearly.
    Skype: Must have have of course.
    Age: 15-18 (the reason for this is because we want deeper voices for these characters, if you have a deep voice then we can make an exception)
    Time Zone: I live in the Pacific time zone, but around USA would be fine.

    So that's all for the recommendations, if your still here, reading this, good job xD, so to be able to enter completely you will need to tryout for the voice of the character, meaning i will send you some lines to say, and you would need to record your voice and send them back, so we know for sure who we are getting. We will always record the videos during the weekends depending on if we can.

    If you are still thinking what is the MineBreakers (MB), here is a short verse of what it is, thank you guys for taking your time to read this and hope to see some people join :).

    What is MB?
    So the MineBreakers is a mix between a Minecraft Machinima, Anime, and a kind of TV show you would normally see. The story is about a group of people that are forced to work together to defeat a supernatural soldier created by the government.
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    Do you have a YouTube channel? link?
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    Sounds very cool, though could you please show some examples of what exactly you're looking for?
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    I could be James but I'd like to know more about this, so could you please reply to this with your Skype and we could get some umm... more info? Hope everything goes smoothly! :)