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Aug 2, 2020
New England
so you know that goodbye post i made like... i dunno... half a month ago? a month ago?

well things kinda got interesting...

i recently discovered that a speedcubing store, speedcubeshop has a minecraft survival server (don't flag this plz), and then I thought, "why not?" and hopped into the server. i did alot of stuff, but to summarize it in a few breaths; I built a house in a village, grinded for a few hours, and made a small duels arena under my house.

highlight the duels arena, this will be important.


I don't really know what happened from there... I think that the short period of time that i "quit minecraft" has resetted my bias on which pvp version is more comfortable for me. Now I tend to lean towards 1.9 pvp over 1.8. don't get me wrong, 1.8 has its own benefits, and I used to main it before i went back to main speedcubing as my main hobby for like... half a month or so (at this point i've lost my sense of time due to outside world situations)

i think i'll let speedcubing and 1.9 PvP/Survival share the throne on my dominant hobbies


so... what now cryptic? are you getting back into MC?
kinda... I still treasure speedcubing because as i said earlier it defines me more

maybe i shoulda been more careful on my last post and say that MC PvP doesn't really define me as much as speedcubing smh

are you going to be a cubecrafter again?
eh... it's likely...

are you good at 1.9?
for now my KD is 0.08 the last time i checked, now you be the judge

will you start a third chapter in your youtube channel?
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