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Jan 16, 2014
Just over there
Alright I guess everyone's doing their CCG life so I might as well do mine :D because Yolo.

I first joined Cubecraft in 1.3.2 I think when the cave spawn had just been released, I was looking for a decent parkour server and soon hated parkour thanks to cubecraft :D eventually I would end up messing around and trolling on the sever not expecting to stay for long, there was a staff member disguising their name as Herobrine. so as a fairly dedicated player I started to mess around with the staff by "loosing my soul to them" Ive still not got it back. Some players even believed this was true :p The only player I remember back then was @SGTkuzey

Soon my minecraft was corrupted so I had to reinstall the launcher loosing all my IPs, I tried looking all over the internet for cubecraft's ip but couldn't find it anywhere, by the time I thought I was getting close the ip had changed. Somehow I found the IP again in early january of this year, happy to find the server again I found we had creative, My life was taken over. I was living in the creative world building a massive village I ended up asking for feedback in the game and thankfully the new mod @LaserDolphin77 came to see what I was doing, quickly becoming friends :D after this I made an account here on the forums and the first thread I ever made was a new minigame idea, tagging all staff I knew of at the time this was ignored xD meanwhile my builds were getting more attention from staff so I tried to get @musemat to see if it was worthy of builder, straight out no. With a little encouragement Efcluke convinced him to give me a trial, this was accepted and I became the newest builder for cubecraft, in the process of this I met people like @MorganPlayzMc @Divvy1 and eventually @Lukey_Dude... through these people I met others like @blossumwarrior and @kewlkat227 and almost every player on the server :D quickly becoming friends with a lot of people. Skip forward a bit, from being a staff member I started talking to all the other staff quickly finding out about Kuzey's music taste being almost identical to my own, from this I became mod and still have all the friends I made at the beginning all starting With LaserDolphin :3 after this I resigned as builder because of schoolwork and currently Im not the most active person on the server.

Thank god I found the IP again...
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