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Aug 14, 2021
Playing Blockwars Bridges map Treasure [EU]
Hi. So me and @-pokemondjs7- have agreed to join forces and have made the pokèdragon clan how it works. If via poll you are looked at
What games do we play?
Well. We play a lots of blockwars Bridges and eggwars but once a week we practice pvp skills in FFA and other games
How many are allowed in the clan?
Well it depends. I have vip level 2 so 6 in a party at 1 time but might play with just 1. But it is infinite.
Does it cover both editions
Yes. I have adapted it to support both editions. It has 2 bedrock leaders and 2 java leaders
When do we play
It depends who you want to play with. If it is a leader message them via forums. If it is an another player. Best done via forums. Then you play want you want. Please remind yourself if leader is in party set them to owner.

Message me or pokemondjs7
  • When you like to duel
  • Have you Been in a clan? Optional
  • What you play on
  • Edition you play on
Apply in my profile
Leader = leader of that edition
Java - 50 messages + 25 reaction score
Recruiter = suggests people to add
40 messages + 40 reaction score
Summoner = has insane pvp skills - 6 blockwars wins + 75 messages
Youtuber = records vids. - 100 subs, 3 over 2 min vids and 46 messages

Duel are open on Friday the 12 of november

rabidsyllab (rabidsyllab) Bedrock leader
-pokemondjs7- (pokemondjs7) Bedrock leader
ImPatsman (ImPatsman) youtuber
Dont kill4534 (Dont kill4534)
Luih (Idk)
Aptskydiver2064 (Aptskydiver2064)

SRNOs (SRNOs) java leader

we are looking for 1 java leaders
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Aug 17, 2021
Why not call the clan poked clan? or like pokedrag, idk just poke since it has a meaning and then something in your name DragonLover like this, idk..
anyways good luck on your clan!
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