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/kill for blockwars


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Hey guys stop blaming him. The suggestion is actually pretty dece even if it's really low elaborated. The thing with BlockWars and /kill is that, indeed, it can get exploited, but literally anything can get exploited so not adding this just because "it can get exploited" is a very low argument. I really like the idea of /kill, since, as you may know, there are some maps that don't have a void and you can't really switch kits flawlessly without letting the enemy kill you or trying to die of fall damage, so /kill could be really useful for those maps, and also, when you spawn and have missed to choose kit you could do /kill and switch kit without having to lose a lot of time jumping on the void. Yes, there are some maps where you can get stuck on a tree (The Bridge) or any other place, but that's more like an error on design more than anything and should get reported at https://reports.cubecraft.net/bug_report . It's a yes from me, but not for the reasons you stated ^-^
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Jul 13, 2019
Seems like a design flaw. The easy solution would be to fill in holes more than 1 block deep, possibly with barrier blocks.

The /kill command would definitely be abused. Maybe they could require you to stay idle for 3 or 5 seconds, thus meaning that players in battle can't use the command. There should also be a cooldown.
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Nov 26, 2015
I think this is actually a great idea that I wish we had, not only for the sole purpose of providing a way out when someone's latency causes some buggy spawning issues, however also a great for removing yourself from the game (when not in combat) so that you do not allow someone to gain the advantage on you and ruin your player score. You could always do /leave or /hub however I feel as if adding /kill would not be a bad idea considering how many external networks also use this as a secondary way out. Also PVP has this already so why not :O
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