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Feb 14, 2021
So I made a video on my YouTube channel involving me trapping people who were farming diamonds. It is intended only for comedic purposes, as since I am a speedrunner, I experience this to many times. I was not farming kills at all, and at the end I was going to let them out (they escaped anyway) and give them the win, but they kinda just ran and I hit them to try to scare them, anyways onto the point is trapping (without the intention of farming kills) bannable? For how long if it is? I wish you a good day, and here is the video in case you all are wondering.
(The title is a joke, it should not be taken literal :))


Apr 29, 2020

1.5 - Trolling​

Trolling is defined as intentionally taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying or upsetting others. Trolling is strictly prohibited. Trolling can take many forms, like killing/injuring teammates, breaking crafting tables to steal items from teammates, breaking defenses for no reason in games like Blockwars, spamming a player with friend/party invites or intentionally misplacing 4 towers or more in Tower Defense.
Trolling can also be used in games like EggWars where players will purposely block players in their spawn with obsidian to farm kills or to just keep them stuck, and not getting their egg. Using signs to bypass a server mute, or being banned for inappropriate skins several times will cause a trolling ban.
Stream sniping a content creator or a staff member an excessive amount of times is also considered Trolling. Only players with the Partner rank can report for stream-sniping. This is because we’ve found cases where the streamer asks their viewers to snipe them, which would be allowed in this scenario.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day ban → 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban
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Jun 7, 2021
I disagree trolling enemy's should not be prohibited however this type of trolling I would say you can do this mods have other things to worry about
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