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Invisible Skywars Players

Jan 13, 2014
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Hey, all. I'd like to report a very strange bug/hack. I just lost several rounds of Skywars after being killed, set on fire, and knocked off of islands by invisible players. I don't mean invisible like the potion, either. I watched as I was bombarded by eggs from a completely empty island. I went to invade it, and someone else did too, and they were quickly knocked off their bridge by the invisible foe. I was punched/stabbed (no way to tell what they had due to invisibility) several times before being knocked off. This is incredibly annoying and ruins my experience. Prior to being killed by the invisible person, I had successfully sniped several people and had nearly full diamond gear. To be killed by such an unfair, cheap advantage really rustles my jimmies and I'd like to ask if anyone else is experiencing this.

TL;DR Version: Invisible people in Skywars killed me repatedly. Fix please. Thank you.

I didn't provide a screenshot because, well... they're invisible. What good would a screenshot of an empty island do?
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