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    Hello, my name is Ellen!
    I'm a danish girl from Copenhagen, turnin' 20 years old this year. I've enjoyed playing Minecraft since 25th november 2011, and I remember being one of the few members who experienced CubeCraft back in 2012-2013; Back when the spawn was one giant cave, and all there were of minigames were splegg, parkour, plots, factions (and a few more I think). My username back then used to go by Ellen1262011.

    Eh... Needless yet want to say: to proof that I've been around the server back then, I can say I used to be a friend of SGTKuzey. He is a person who used to be one of the first staff members ever of CubeCraft. Looking at the current staff list, I take it he has retired. I remember exploring the Nether with him and some other guy, in survival mode. It was fun.

    In my spare time I enjoy drawing things digitally, and playing video games casually. Talking with friends on Discord! I also watch a lot of YouTube and Twitch.
    My recent artwork:

    Thanks for reading!