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Introducing the Server Engine Team


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Oct 20, 2013
Hello CubeCrafters,

This is just an update to a previous post where we explained that we wanted to start a Server Engine team to focus on our anti-cheat and our server platform.
This is the biggest growth of our development team that we have ever done, and we're super excited for you to get to know them. We'd like to thank all the candidates who got in touch and hope to hear from them all again in the future.

Protocol and Platform

The protocol and platform team will focus on the base code which powers the CubeCraft Games network. For the geeks amongst you, this means they will be working on our versions of Spigot, Bungeecord and the code which powers our Bedrock network. The work they do will mean we can continue to support the latest versions of Minecraft, fix some of the base game bugs and increase client performance on our network. They will also allow us to bring our existing games over to Bedrock faster! (Skyblock is on its way!)

Your new Protocol and Platform devs are:
Red is the lead of the open-source project GeyserMC, a plugin which allows Bedrock clients to connect to Java servers and Supreme is the lead of the open-source project NukkitX, which is Bedrock-native server software. We're very excited to welcome both projects to the CubeCraft Games family as part of a new open collaboration project. More details about how we'll be supporting these projects will be communicated soon!


At the moment, we are very aware that you all are extremely mad at Sentinel, as we see many complaints about cheaters on a daily basis. Fair play is important to us and we've been very frustrated about the lack of resources and talent internally to effectively combat the small minority of players who think the rules don't apply to them. Zed's talked previously on the forums about why Anticheat is so hard for us which you may find useful:

Anticheat for us is hard, like really hard
I'm fairly sure you've heard the overview of why anticheat development for us is more difficult than other networks:
  • We support so many different versions: Sentinel runs across three networks: 1.8, 1.9+ and Bedrock. Each of these versions have their own set of behaviours and paramaters and their own "quirks". On 1.9 we are having to cross some fairly major mechanic switches especially with regards to swimming and flying as we support 1.9 through 1.15. This effectively triples how hard it is for us to get a really good anticheat across the network.
  • There are cheat developers out there who focus on CubeCraft, it's a continuing and tiring game of cat and mouse. Ultimately constantly patching up bypasses as we see them out in the wild means we aren't spending time on more complex and complete detections and a balance has to be made
Ultimately we need more people working on Sentinel but the skill level required to be effective and the length of time before a developer fully understands the Sentinel codebase means that this is a costly process and one which we can't justify without a more solid strategy for anticheat.

We've made a big decision to bring on three new developers to solely focus on Anticheat development. This is now our largest team within the devs and means we're not going to be able to bring on new game or content devs for a little while. It's a bit of a gamble for us but we're hoping with the support of the community and a focus on ensuring fair play it will lead to a much better play experience for everyone in CubeCraft which should help support us grow in the future.

Your new Anticheat / Sentinel devs are:
Over the coming months, these developers will be learning our codebase and working on innovative new detections and checks to reduce the numbers of cheaters playing on CubeCraft. Naturally, it will take a while for them all to get comfortable with how CubeCraft works and become familiar with the codebase, however, you should start seeing a difference be made.
Between them, they will be able to manage our Java Networks and Bedrock Networks all at once, so no more cheater filled months, when our AntiCheat developer starts working on a different network to the one that you're playing on.

We hope that you're all as excited as we are to start working with all these new developers, please send them all a friendly CubeCraft welcome! I just can't wait to see what the future holds! :)

The only reason it's possible for us to invest such a large amount of talent into CubeCraft is thanks to you, our players. To everyone who's got something from our store, brought friends to the server, or otherwise helped out - thank you, your continued support is appreciated and needed for us to do what we do and keep CubeCraft growing!


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May 19, 2020
I wasn't online when rubik made this post but @Zed very kindly made a post on my behalf so I can farm likes and edit it later to say how cool it is to be here

I'm excited to start working on the anticheat and glad to be apart of the team at CubeCraft! I hope the community is excited as well to see the improvements we will be making in the near future :)


Mar 4, 2019
Welcome to all new developers! I'm pretty sure that you all are going to make a great job! :)
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