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Jan 2, 2021
Hey y'all!

I got bored and decided to rank every kit on a tier list. On a serious note, this tier list is just how I'd rank each kits' probability of succeeding to make you win. That does not mean that kits higher on the list are more fun to play and vice versa. Sometimes, picking a different play-style is more engaging than using the same kit for the 104th time. This list is based solely on true, provable facts my opinions.
Also, this is being written soon after the release of the 1.19 beta (currently there is no teams mode and the map list is very limited), so things may be subject to change in the future.


  • 7x Diamond
The best kit of them all, without a single doubt.
It’s simply overpowered compared to nearly everything else on this list. Seven diamonds. Seven! You can do a lot with that, and what you can do with that invalidates almost all other kits! Want an early sword? I mean, you can pick the Warrior kit, but that only gives you a stone sword. With this kit? All you need is a stick and a crafting table (a given on every map) and you have a great weapon right away! A similar thing could be said about the Miner kit, as well as the Heavy kit, sort of.
How on earth did this kit originally have nine diamonds!?
If you don’t use this kit, you’re at a significant disadvantage. You’ll be seeing this kit mentioned a whole ton below.

  • Leather Helmet
  • Chainmail Chestplate
  • Leather Leggings
  • Leather Boots
A very reliable kit that gives you some weaker armour. But, armour of any sort is still very useful, especially in the early game. Any little bit can make a big difference, and can win you some fights to get better armour. Though, unlike the Diamonds kit, the gear you’re getting here will only last you so long, and that’s why the Heavy kit is at a much lower tier compared to it.

  • 3x Golden Apple
  • 12x Apple
  • 3x Bread
A perfectly fine kit with a strong niche: reliable golden apples, and three of them at that! The additional apples also help if there’s lots of gold on the map so that you can have even more golden apples!
The whole point of this kit though is a food kit, and since the 1.19 beta, that purpose has been utterly eviscerated, since all players, regardless of kits, get a special Food Lucky Block that gives them some food, that’s usually good enough. (to clarify, this is a good change.)
That, and the fact that this kit only provides food (regardless of its quality), puts it at this tier. The above kits are simply more versatile and reliable; you’re not screwed if you don’t get good armor drops, because the kit can suffice.
4BWarrior (Free Kit)

  • Stone Sword
Easily the better free kit, and a fairly alright one at that.
It gives you an option on very rushy maps, like Village and Candy, to either play really aggressively by immediately rushing other players, or to counter this offense with offense.
But, at the cost of just a little time, you can pick the Diamonds kit in order to make a diamond sword and a diamond helmet! So in most regards, the Warrior kit is completely outclassed by Diamonds. But, on aforementioned rushy maps, it can still sometimes be valuable to not waste time in order to have a functioning weapon.

  • Enchanting Table
  • 32x Bottle o’ Enchanting
  • 32x Lapis Lazuli
An excellent supportive kit! But there’s no team mode…

This kit relies entirely on what else you get. Enchanting can give a good boost to all your armour pieces, your sword, and your bow, but good luck getting actually getting something good to boost! Bringing up the Diamonds kit once again: a diamond sword is better than a stone sword enchanted with some sharpness.
Use this kit on maps that do have diamond blocks present, like Nest or Underwater, so that you can obtain some godly gear to wreak havoc.
Even then, you’ll need a pickaxe and actually have to go to the diamond block, so you’re pretty vulnerable with this kit equipped, because you don’t have much to defend yourself with initially.
This kit has some potential to be absolutely amazing, but you’ll need some luck.

  • Random Wand, out of the following:
    • Frostpath Wand
    • Regen Wand
    • Dragon Fire Wand
    • Splash Potion Wand
    • Shield Wand
    • Slime Wand
    • Invisibility Wand
    • TNT Wand
This kit becomes pretty good in the Overpowered mode, compared to everything else. Otherwise it’s just alright. For what it’s worth, this is definitely a fun kit, and all of the wands you can receive are solid. But, they’re more supportive tools that compliment a main weapon. So if you don’t have a good sword, you’re out of luck. Plus, wands are quite common from Lucky Blocks in general, so you’re not missing out on much if you don’t choose this kit.
You can technically make this kit work, but fittingly for this game mode, it’s very luck dependent.

  • Diamond Pickaxe
A very map dependent kit, but is completely outclassed by the Diamonds kit regardless of the map.
This kit was super strong on maps like Ruins, where there were diamond blocks on islands close by, and players were heavily incentivised to rush for them as fast as possible. On these kinds of maps in general, the Miner kit is great, since you didn't have to waste precious time actually crafting the pickaxe.
But now that doesn't exist anymore, so now there isn't really a good reason to pick this kit over the Diamonds kit. Ignoring that kit though, the pickaxe is still quite useful regardless on maps where there's diamond or iron blocks available like Underwater or Nest, but if there aren't any resource blocks, do not use this kit at all.

  • Bow
  • 12x Arrow
Bows are a fine weapon to have, but 12 arrows doesn’t leave you with much to work with. Just like the Wizard and Enchanter kits, this kit gives very complimentary items, but having a good sword and armour will be the most reliable way to win fights.

  • 3x Potion of Swiftness

These used to be Swiftness II, which is actually a pretty good item to have. But now they’re Swiftness I, which technically makes an impact, but not a big one.
10DBuilder (Free Kit)

  • 16x Stone
  • Leather Chestplate
In general, it is much easier to obtain many blocks than a good weapon. So in most circumstances, the Warrior kit is the better free kit. Even then, if you really want to have a lot of blocks to build with, then the Diamonds kit is the way to go. With that, you can craft an axe, which will give you logs very quickly.
Oh, this kit also gives you a chestplate. Yeah it's okay, but the Heavy kit is right there! It gives you way more protection (even a better chestplate) in exchange for a measly 16 blocks. You can get that from breaking 4 logs!
So the Builder kit was completely outclassed before, but now with the 1.19 beta, every player regardless of their kit gets a Blocks Lucky Block, that gives them several blocks anyway! So now the Builder kit is pretty pointless. But even then, pretty pointless is better than the kits below, because some extra blocks and a bit of protection can help in the early game. Though, please just use Heavy instead.

  • (Spawns a Pet Wolf, Pet Cat, and Pet Snowman)
  • Wolf Name Tag
  • Cat Name Tag
  • 3x Cooked Chicken
  • 3x Raw Fish
(the items aren’t mentioned in the kit description nor the detailed view, lmao)
Some little friends that can act as a decent distraction in a 1v1 fight.
The cat is the best one. It’s quick and hard to hit. The wolf does the same thing, but isn’t nearly as mobile. And the snowman will quickly turn into a pile of snowballs when you accidentally kill it somehow.
Unfortunately, all of these have really little health, so after a fight your squad becomes deleted, and your kit has served its purpose.

  • 3x Potion of Healing

This kit is worse than the equivalent on Bedrock Lucky Islands! Wow!
You know what else has three healing items? Three better healing items?
The Chef kit!
Outclassed. Enough said.

  • 2x Lucky Block
The most luck-dependent kit of them all! And it sucks, on average. Though, you have a chance of getting something decent! Just pick something above, since you’ll actually get something consistently good.

This is one of the only kits that gets better in Overpowered, along with the Wizard kit.

  • 10x TNT
  • 2x Stone Pressure Plate
  • Trap Lucky Block
When the teams mode existed, this was the quintessential team griefing kit. But now barely anyone seems to use it, and that’s for good reason.

Any sort of TNT trap that you’d want to create simply takes too long to set up, so you’re going to get very little value out of your TNT.
And speaking of little value, that Trap Lucky Block, huh? It’s single use, requires the enemy player to break it, and doesn’t deal that much damage. Additionally, since the 1.19 beta, a bug has been fixed where Trap Lucky Blocks would turn into regular Lucky Blocks after being broken, so that little perk has been removed too.
15EEgg Farmer
Egg Farmer.jpg

  • 16x Egg
This kit is outclassed by both Archer and Tamer as a projectile kit.
The only real use for this kit is to send unsuspecting players into the void while they’re bridging. That’s it. So this kit is pretty worthless, unless you like chicks.

  • Villager Spawn Egg
  • 16x Emeralds
This kit is just utterly terrible. I probably should end it there, but I need to say more.
This kit is like a terrible gacha game. There’s a very rare chance that you get something cool, but almost all the time you’re getting something trash. And even if you do get something cool, you more than likely have to grind for it, and waste even more of your time!
Most of the villager professions are pointless for PVP applications, let alone for Lucky Islands. And some of the good things that you might get from the rare Armourer or Weaponsmith (diamond gear with good enchants) are gonna cost more than the 16 emeralds you’ve been provided. Sure, you could search for more emeralds, but with the Villager kit, you’re put in a very vulnerable state.

What’s strangest is that this kit has been nerfed! Twice! What?!
Since the 1.19 beta, a whole new sleugh of villager professions have been added to Lucky Islands. And they all are useless. So now, the actually useful professions are less likely to appear. How lovely.
I think this is also a change made since the 1.19, but fun fact, this kit used to have two spawn eggs! And they nerfed this kit!? Huh!? And even with two spawn eggs, this kit still had the same problems and was still mostly useless!
The only saving grace of this kit that puts it above the last two is that at least this once has a chance to give something okay.
But for the love of all things holy, please do not use this kit, and stick to Diamonds; a kit that actually consistently gives you good gear.

  • Player Tracker
Here’s the problem: you released a cool Minecraft minigame, but eventually there’s a big hider/camper problem. And in this special gamemode, you can receive a player tracker to hunt the campers down, but this item is only received randomly. What do you do? Do you:
  • Give all players the tracker after enough time has passed
  • Give all players the tracker when there are only a few players alive (you did this in your SkyWars gamemode)
  • Put more redstone sources on the maps, so that players can craft the trackers themselves (you did this in the same gamemode, but on Bedrock Edition)...
Aha, no, you’re a true intellect! You’re aware of the kit system! And 17 is an incredibly uneven number! You want to make it a nice and even 18 kits! Why not fill that void with a tracker kit? And yes, that is a good idea! But… What else should you add? A mere tracker isn’t going to get you anywhere…
Wait… that’s it? That’s the kit? That’s the kit!? Just a player tracker!? What are you supposed to do with a player tracker when the enemy has a diamond sword and a diamond helmet!?

Oh, and player trackers aren’t even that rare of a drop anymore, at least on the Java Edition.
The only saving grace of this kit is that the player tracker functions, which is the sole reason why it is above the Barricade kit. It’s a very close call between the two, though.

  • Cage Trap
Do not use this kit. This kit is a complete fraud.
I am not convinced anyone likes this kit. And this kit was nerfed at one point! It used to have 8 obsidian too, which is why the icon is an obsidian block. But then it got removed because it could be used for team griefing, which is fair enough I guess.
But now this kit exists as a single Cage Trap. And Cage Traps can be easily avoided, provide barely any advantage to the player that placed them when dealing with their catch, and can easily be escaped from because of the terrible design of the cage with iron bar holes at the top.
Please, do not use this kit, unless you want to suffer for a little bit.

This kit can only do one thing, and that one thing it can ever do is utterly useless. This is a sole standout to every other kit, which has at least one use that is mildly useful, no matter how inconsistent that may be.
Please, do not use this kit, unless you want to torture yourself.
Warrior from C to B, description changed.
Miner from C to C+, description changed.
Archer from C- to C.
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