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    What is your current Minecraft username? *
    Example: Efcluke94
    IGN: DatSnowyPanda

    Do you have any previous Minecraft usernames? *
    You can check at

    old mc names: cutedogplayz,tinypolarbear

    What is your forums username? *
    Tip: Link your forums profile page


    What country do you live in? *

    What is your age? *
    You must be 13 years old or over to apply
    I'm 14 years old

    On average, how many hours are you online per day? *
    Be honest!

    I play 4-5 hours a day

    What is your favourite minigame? *

    My favorite minigame is EGGWARS

    Have you had any experience in staff roles? *
    Tip: Please state any server names and staff ranks you've had on that server. If you have been demoted from a staff position, please explain why.

    I have never been a staff but i would love to be one.

    What languages do you speak fluently? *


    Have you ever been banned/muted on the network? If so, why? *
    Be honest!

    I have never been banned on any server i promise

    Why should you become a Helper on CubeCraft? *

    I think i should be helper on CubeCraft because i am loyal , helpful , kind , and i always want to help meet other or helper others so becoming a helper will help me be who i am and help everyone.

    What makes you different from the other applicants? *

    I think in my application is that i am being me and being honest and i hope i will be a helper

    Is there anything else we should know?
    Tip: Include as much information as possible, this will higher your chances of becoming Helper. Such as any other responsibilities outside of CubeCraft. For example if you have any hobbies or are very busy with School/college.

    I am a diamond rank and i hope to see me helping with the rank thanks for taking the time to read my application and i have skype : DatSnowyPanda and teamspeak
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    Dude wrong place
    Fill it out here
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    I think he didn't read the directions. It shows the link to application on the page
    And bro another thing u don't have enough messages. The required amount is 50