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Hello Cubecraft staffs. im zRedStrqffe_


Jan 14, 2021
I got banned on august 7 for sending fake edivence for reports. But i wasn't on my PC that night. My brother always goes on it and plays on your servers. I always played on Hypixel or other servers. But i didn't send fake edivence to you guys. And i can't appeal anymore. I think its a little unfair. Because my brother sended fake edivence. Is there anyway I can be unbanned because the ban is permanent and im kinda dissapointed ;( I hope you guys unban me

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Jul 2, 2015
You're responsible for what happens to your account. I'd suggest making your account safe is the first step to getting an unban. Make sure that he's never able to access it again
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I noticed that you have a YouTube and moderator rank in-game. Great job! But it is quite confusing that you sometimes show up as a moderator and sometimes as youtuber. Is this some kind of bug that's going to be fixed, or is there a reason for this? Just curious :starenoot:
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Thanks for everything, and goodluck in the future!
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Thanks for everything!
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