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Nov 1, 2019
Hey there!

I realized that I never made an introduction on the forums before, and I don't think I'm that well known on this platform either, so why not just make one?

About me:
Hi! I'm Headqche or as some people may know my real name, Taïs. I'm 16 years old and I live in Belgium. Honestly, you might know me by a lot of names, because a lot of people I know have given me nicknames on the server such as Headque, Headcliche, Headquiche, and a lot more. I don't mind the nicknames, so if you're creative, call me whatever you want xd

I haven't always been a 1.9 player. I used to be a part of the toxic 1.8 community. I quit there because of something that happened to me back then, which was actually a really bad experience for me and actually got me down mentally. That's all in the past tho! I'm back now because of the other amazing friends I had, and the amazing friends I've made :)

Games I play:
Other than Minecraft I play Osu, Fortnite, Among us, and Ark. I'm not really into any other games, to be honest, I'm very picky when it comes to that xd
If anyone is ever up to play something, hit me up pls I need friends :3

CubeCraft experience now:
I've been a CubeCraft player for over 4 years now. I bought my emerald rank around 3 years ago and upgraded to obsidian a few months back.
People might also know me because I've been a dedicated member of the translation team for over a year now.
I'm someone who doesn't really play a lot of games on CubeCraft. I'm mostly known for being AFK in the lobby all day. Don't ask me how I don't get bored, because I don't even know that myself. I enjoy being in the lobby and just talking to people there, I really like the community!

In real life I still go to school, I study something that's kind of hard to explain, because Belgium is really difficult when it comes to studying something in my opinion, but for the people that do understand, I'm in STW :) Other than going to school I'm not really a social person actually. I enjoy being inside more than being outside. When you talk to me in real life I answer, but I'm not the kind of person to start conversations just cuz it's hard for me. If you talk to me in a chat on discord, I'm the most hyperactive kid ever, and that's actually who I really am and who I wanna be, so yeah, thought I should mention that :)

A few friends:
Now I just wanna get into a few friends that I've made and that just deserve to be in this thread for helping me become who I am to this day. If you wanna read this go ahead and click on the spoiler, I'm not forcing anyone :)​

Honestly, you're such a dummy, but the most amazing best friend I could've ever asked for. When I quit 1.8 you helped me get through the rough times I was in and I can't even thank you enough for what you did. You helped me become a part of the 1.9 community and you're still there for me when I need you to this day. Just know that I really appreciate you for who you are and that I really don't wanna lose you as a best friend. You can also hit me up if anything is wrong, my dm's are always open! <3

HELLO TYPIKAL. You're an amazing friend! I don't think I've known you for that long actually but every time we talk it's a lot of fun and we can always laugh together. I appreciate you being my friend! Stay who you are and don't change pls cuz ur awesome!!!

@Anneum @East @SnowyDutch @SnowyGoefy❄️ @EasyNorth @Stitchieee
I wanna thank you guys for being nice to me ever since we met. You guys are all amazing people and playing with all of you is a lot of fun. I appreciate you guys for basically seeing me as a part of the community now and yeah, you guys are awesome! I guess that's just what I needed to say :)

I don't even know where to start with you. You're the biggest bully ever, you're mean, but you're a really nice person to be friends with. You're never serious like fr but when we talk or play it's always a lot of fun. It's also nice to have someone who knows Osu cuz honestly I never had a person who understood the game and actually liked it just like I did, and you might even like it more than I do xd Yeah I guess I also just wanna say thank you for being a friend cuz ur awesome but ur also a noob (just like @HackersDontWin).

There are definitely more people in the community that I appreciate, but these are just the ones that I hang out with a lot now and that I just needed to point out.

If there's anything more you wanna know about me just make a conversation or tagg me on the cube discord and I'll answer your questions!

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.

Have a nice morning/afternoon/night :heart:
~ Headqche


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Dec 31, 2015
The Netherlands
Ngl, that 1.8 community was not the right place for you and I'm happy you're out of it, we always have fun and we can laugh anytime :)

I'm glad I met you and that we're so amazing good best friends right now, you help me a lot and the other way around. I love our friendship and I don't want it to get ruined ever, please stay who you are cuz you are as amazing. Thanks for having my back, giving me advise, being my bff, being there for me, everything and you know what I'm talking about. <3 (if I missed something then hmu in dms)
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