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Halloween has come to CubeCraft!


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Jul 23, 2015
Isle of Cats
Ender 2018 - Forum Image.jpg

Hello CubeCrafters,

It's that time of year again where candy is gifted and the dead awaken! But it's time for Halloween to join on CubeCraft once again. This year we're bringing you guys awesome new content and bringing out many spooky maps. Will you be tricking or treating on CubeCraft? Or will you be battling other players to win haunting Halloween Cubelets!

There's currently a 50% OFF HALLOWEEN SALE on our Store. Grab yourself a rank, regular cubelets, multiplier and the limited time only Halloween Cubelets which come with free miniatures!
Visit our Store at store.cubecraft.net.

Ender is back title.jpg

It's back! Ender has made a revengeful return to CubeCraft to claim more souls. And it's even on our 1.8 network! But this year, Ender has changed, players are no longer going to be chosen to become the Ender, and in fact the Ender is completely AI based. So now you'll be even more blind to question where the tall figure is. As usual, 12 players will be dumped in the depths of Ender's Mansion and must find all pages in rooms to escape his evil! Pages can be located inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs and you have 20 minutes to find them all, so look everywhere! We've changed the locations of the pages, added new locations for the pages and added new rooms upstairs, so check them out.

There's one rule to the game, do not look at the Ender! If you look into the eyes of the Ender your health will be taken from you until you're a withered pile of dust. But don't worry, if you lose health you can obtain it back by collecting pages. You'll also be given a bright torch to help you find your way, but be aware, the more you use it the more power it uses up.

This game does comes with an optional resourcepack to help enhance the gaming experience, this will add spooky textures, models and creepy custom sounds. But be warned, this game contains jumpscares, so play at your own risk!

Java map.jpg

Ender Mansion Map.

Ender gameplay.

Halloween cubelts + loot + sale title.jpg

As usual, with a seasonal event comes seasonal cubelets and exclusive loot! We've added a total of 53 Halloween themed loot items in Halloween Cubelets. You can purchase them HERE. When you buy Halloween Cubelets you'll also get a free miniature as seen below. You can obtain Halloween Cubelets from our Store and in games. Plus, when you log into the server during the Halloween period, you'll get a free one to open! Halloween Cubelets contain no duplicates.

This season we've added exclusive Halloween cages, shields, win effects, gadgets and much more! All filled with spooky surprises. Along with the Halloween Cubelets comes the best Cubelet opening effect so far, so you should be excited to open one. Below shows just some previews of the Loot content and a list of all the content:
  • 5 Trails
  • 5 Shields
  • 3 Wardrobe sets
  • 8 Standard hats
  • 2 Animated hats
  • 6 Cages
  • 4 Arrow Trails
  • 5 Gadgets
  • 3 Win Effects
  • 3 Miniatures (Including 3 more with Halloween Cubelet purchases)
Along with the Halloween Cubelets and Loot, there's a 50% OFF SALE on our Store. You can get everything* from regular Cubelets and Rank Upgrades to Multipliers and Merch. This sale is only available during the Halloween period and ends on November 12th, so grab them while you can!
You can visit our Store at store.cubecraft.net

Traps Image 2.jpg

Halloween Cubelets and 3 Exclusive Halloween Miniatures.

Raging Fire Cage.

Bonemerang Gadget.

Monster Mash Win Effect.

Halloween lobby and head hunt title.jpg

With Halloween comes the amazing Builders and their magical powers to transform the lobby into a wonderful withering world. With the recent new lobby layout, we've been able to adapt the Halloween spirit into more areas than ever. This lobby has Halloween scattered all over it, the walls, the floor and the sky... even in the swimming pools. Have fun exploring!

Speaking of exploring, we couldn't leave out our famous seasonal head hunt could we! Including the Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Head Hunt! There's 25 pumpkins hidden and scattered round the lobby for you to collect and find. If you collect all 25 of them, you'll be a Halloween Cubelet to open and an exclusive win effect called "Blood Rain".

With the introduction of Lobby Games at the start of the year, we've been releasing seasonal items. So now we've added 18 brand new and limited time Lobby Games items, 9 for Relic Hunting and 9 for Lobby Fishing. All of these items are only available during Halloween, so you better get fishing and digging!


Halloween Lobby 2018.

Finding a Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Head Hunt!


Halloween 2018 Lobby Games Items.

halloween maps.jpg

This year we've brought all of the previous Halloween maps! There's a total of 10 Halloweens maps, including 4 EggWars, 4 SkyWars, 1 Duel and 1 Lucky Islands maps! Blood, sweat and tears were put into all of these maps... literally. Enjoy these limited time maps to battle other players to victory! Below are just some of the maps available:

Team EggWars - Nightmare (Team of 8)

Losing your egg is a bit of a nightmare...

Team SkyWars - Scare (Team of 4)

The pumpkin is scare'ing right at you!

Solo SkyWars - Chandelier

You dare swing from the...

Solo Lucky Islands - Spider

The spider on this map will h'eight you...
We hope you guys enjoy this Halloween update and Ender. We'd love to hear your feedback below! Check out our Store at store.cubecraft.net.
*sale does not include Halloween Cubelets and CubeCraft Plus.



Aug 23, 2016
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Don't care for Ender, but the Halloween cubelet items are pretty neat. The Eggwars solo map is one of the better solo maps for Eggwars on the server; doesn't suffer from annoying gen placement and more importantly it's small. Makes for quick and fun games.


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Jul 1, 2016
Amazing, everyone has been waiting on our favourite Halloween game. So enjoy it everyone and have a lot of Fun!


Sep 17, 2017
i cant found 4 pumpkings. 4pumpkings this is the frist time than happend me :V i was searching four 30 min and i cant found the 4
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