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    Ok, I have been in 5 games... 5/5 GAMES I HAVE HAD HACKERS.... Cubecraft, this server used to be good now there is a hacker every game. Hypixel has a good anticheat called Watchdog, that players can use. ./wdr Plump21 GoodLooks...

    But seriously, get some better anti cheat, the kid hovers around takes out all the eggs and wins the game... And when I make a report, on the forums... Think of it this way, I had to make an account on cubecraft forums, then confirm my email, then talk about the person with 10 screenshots. I don't have video capabilities on my 1/2 a gb of RAM laptop. SO HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BAN PEOPLE??? I can't, moderators won't even look at the "reporting rule breakers" if there isn't even a video attatched. Meaning someone gets to go on with their day ducking up everyone's day that loves this server. I am a non-rank but I might've bought a rank if this server listened to it's players and created something better then the fly thing that does fall damage because in overpowered mode taking fall damage is like .5 hearts... AND THEN THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT EXCEPT TO THE PLAYERS WHO PLAY LEGIT.

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    Like this isn't enough evidence:
    2016-09-03_22.28.55.png 2016-09-03_22.29.00.png 2016-09-03_22.29.11.png 2016-09-03_22.29.14 - Copy.png 2016-09-04_14.57.11.png 2016-09-04_14.57.11_2.png
    P.S.- I died both those games and they won.
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    Alright I understand your frustration. Cubecraft is currently working on a new anti cheat plugin. Please be patient.

    About the screenshots,...they are simply not trustworthy when it comes to reporting hackers and teamers.
    They can be edited and what not.

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