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Jan 23, 2021
I’m pretty sure that unless someone asks for your channel, self promoting a yt channel is not allowed in the section for games

Like in the video section you can promote a video or in an introduction you could say this but in the actual eggwars sections I don’t think you can promote an eggwars related channel. Might be wrong though.
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FleurSchx wrote on Quis's profile.
Why u noep
I'm trying to update my forums account lol.
Strafed_ wrote on ToastedByTom's profile.
What is happening to ur clan.
Strafed_ wrote on ToastedByTom's profile.
good counter?
Why do people make suggestions and just react with :disagree: to every counter argument? Not everyone is supposed to agree, sometimes viewing other peoples arguments can help build on your suggestion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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