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May 9, 2021
Hi, I am looking for help because I have been issued a one month ban as of yesterday, and the moderator who banned me seems to have something against me and is repeatedly asserting that I cheated even though I did not. He banned me for suspected use of aim assist, simply because I threw snowballs at him very quickly and accurately. I had even recorded my game, and sent him the link so he could see for himself, and somehow watching my perspective he still concluded that I had used cheats. If you're interested, here is the game in question:

Despite having played many games, and even uploaded nearly 300 cubecraft skywars games on the youtube channel above, he still insisted I used cheats and declined to unban me. Even further, I was in a game and recording it when the ban was first laid, and since I knew I had done nothing wrong, I immediately went to my home page to show that my game was not modded, and scrolled through my options and video settings for even further proof. Here is that video:

Both of the youtube videos shown above were provided to the moderator immediately on my appeal. I really don't know what else I can do to prove my innocence. I have been entirely open and offered any information, but this moderator did not even seem interested in my information as it appeared he had already made up his mind about my guilt.

There is really only so much I can do. I have a good history playing on cubecraft, I have a video record on youtube of nearly 300 of my skywars games, and I showed the moderator video record of my gameplay. This is incredibly frustrating. When I was first banned, I thought okay someone made a mistake, but luckily I was recording so I can show my recordings and be done with it, but that was not the case.

It doesnt help the fact that this moderator in question who has been reading my replies and reviewing my evidence was also the same player who I was playing against in the first game. I feel like due to how I played against him in that game, he had some personal bias to me, and that is the reason I have not been unbanned despite offering all the information and video I possibly could have in my appeal.

I would like to add that I have literally 0 mods or texture packs installed on my minecraft, not even simple performance enhancing ones such as optifine or sodium.

I would appreciate any help, I play on cubecraft daily, and a month off for a false ban is ridiculous.

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