Factions: Multiple types of tnt.

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  1. Hakinator7

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    Guys it's 2am in the morning for me but guess what.. ?

    Another brilliant idea. :3

    Ok so i was thinking in the new factions game-mode coming out there should be different tnt with different properties and functions.

    For example, Special tnt for spawner drops, Blowing up bases or Larger radius'es.

    These are my tnt suggestions.

    Tactical Tnt - Same radius destroy as normal tnt but it only affects spawners. 40% drop rate. ( Leaving blocks untouched )

    Blessed Tnt - Same radius destroy as normal tnt but gives a 80% drop rate on spawners.

    Clinical Tnt - Larger radius explosion than normal tnt but is a more dense explosion and powerful explosion.

    Huge Tnt - Larger radius than critical tnt ( 32 x 32 )and creates huge havoc when fired.

    Mime Tnt - The same radius as normal tnt, But explodes every 5 seconds for 15 seconds. ( In the same location )

    Hex Tnt - Whenever this tnt goes off the blocks around it will be significantly weakened allowing 2x the damage on continuous blasts in the area for 25 seconds.

    And not forgetting normal tnt...

    Also please comment any other tnt suggestions down below

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    This sounds like a mod, but it sure sounds fun for an insane person like me.
    Scouting TNT: Drives a hole in 6 directions (all directions on the x, y and z axis) 3x3 wide for a distance of "x",