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    So I'm starting with the shop... When we die and we need to buy everyting it takes to much time, so my idea to solve this would be, an option for last buy, have a book with many pages instead of villager (Too slow, and really boring), 2nd suggestion would be for the lobby:
    There is too much TeaParty and since we have the new map toys I can't barely find it. The 3rd one is when we fall out of the map, instead of being damage, we get instant kill, so we can protect the egg faster.
    The map TeaParty, is a map of 5 players and there is only 1 iron generator and that origins a lot of confusion (swearing, etc... When diamond generator is level 1 it says it takes 5 seconds (idk if is the right number), I have counted and it last more then 5 seconds.

    This one is about the server:
    When we are on the server, it could say in chat a warning when the server is about to reset (Many people I know is asking for it, including me)

    Long message I know... Pls read and thanks for reading.
    Oreos for all : )
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    First one: Disagree. With a book, you could buy everywhere, and the idea is to just be able to buy in a base.
    Second one: I would agree, but I hate tea party map
    Third one: Maybe, but I think it is good that players have to wait when they fall, so their assasins have more time to go break the egg
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    I agree
    I don't like that because it just sounds awkward..
    This could be in creative and factions and skyblock, it would do as it used to do in SkyBlock 1.0, where it would announce 5 minutes before a restart (not before a crash, obviously).