Eggwars(some tips on preventing campers)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by awesomebutter234, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Try your best to monopolize the diamond gens, if you can't due to the map size then make sure no one makes it back to their base. If somebody does make it to the base, check what level gen they took the diamonds from. If it's a level 2 try to rush them immediately, if they only took from a level 1 they will be back so be ready for it. If you successfully did this then congrats, campers should not be a problem in the game you are in. If you did not, tell your teamate to buy a shield and cover you while you are bridging and if you have multiple tell the other to suppress the campers with constant bow shoots. If you don't have a teammate..........

    I hate campers with a burning passion, just posting this so that hopefully campers will become a little less present due to people stopping them.
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    KronosReeper's guide to get rid of campers: (only works on big maps with mutiple dia gens at mid)
    1. Kill all other teams so that only you can the campers remain
    2. If they have a bridge to mid, destroy it
    3. Upgrade mid gens to lvl 3 (now you have way more diamonds than the campers :p)
    4. Get a lot of stuff and watch if the campers try anything
    5. If they do, kill em, cuz you have better gear
    6. If they don't, build a skybridge at build limit with borders that prevent you from getting knocked off
    7. Bomb em with TNT
    8. Eat a notch, jump down and kill em
    9. Win :D