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Do you need a helpful Builder if you need one

Should we pick Holly (FaZeMCO) as a Builder on CubeCraftGames

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May 25, 2014
Hello CubeCraft Gamers and Staff I am here asking if you want a Builder on CubeCraft I am very experienced and have won 4 contests on PMC I am a Quartz Editer Designer and have made lots of Quartz Spawns, Castles, Bases and way more. You can add me on skype if you want to see my builds I am very good. I know how to do really cool paterns/designs and make the server build look fun and exciting to play on. So add me on Skype, Curvetrickyy if you wnt me as a builder or vote for me! :) Thanks comment to!

Heres my latest build!
(In attached files) (Thats like my worst though I can do better)


May 25, 2014
Haha you can add me on skype if you want and I can show you some? Add me curvetrickyy and I can showyou some! Vote too please :D


Jan 16, 2014
Just over there
I like it, think the walls are a little plain in some areas though :p you should make a proper application by building something on creative and posting it here for the builders to see and judge :) :p
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