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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dan9erTheGamer, Jan 4, 2016.

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    I have made a Discord server! Wait... What is Discord?

    Discord is basically TeamSpeak, but with these benefits:
    • It's voice communication is high quality
    • It has powerful permission tools (unlike Curse Voice) that are not ridiculously complicated to setup (unlike TeamSpeak)
    • It's easy on your CPU (unlike Skype)
    • It's COMPLETELY FREE to host a server.

    This is the voice communications of the future.
    You can run Discord in your browser, but they recommend you to download their program, which is even less CPU intensive.

    I have made ranks, channels and stuff.
    If you want to join, click here (you have to make an account): https://discord.gg/0jmuGmV7baKsgd8u

    More on Discord (IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING): https://discordapp.com

    Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers.
    Stop getting ganked just because you are logged on to CPU-hogging Skype.
    Simplify your life. Discord.
    You'll never go back.

    Promotional Video:
    Warning - This video is a bit in your face, but so true. I couldn't find anything else.

    Basic Rules:
    1. No recording anything (unless everyone agrees).
    2. No mute abuse.
    3. Respect the admins and members!
    4. Do not copy other member’s names. For example: Cardan16, CARDAN16, etc.
    5. Do not spam. (Channel hopping is also spam!)
    6. No voice filters. The only exception is if you are underage and using a mild pitch lowering voice filter.
    7. Don't post files. Pictures are allowed.
    8. The channel admin(s) has responsibility for the channel/server.
    9. No racism, fascism or age decriminalization (bullying “squeakers”). This will provide you an instant perm ban.
    10. No verbal abuse.

    Ranks (From highest to lowest powers):
    CubeCraft Owners: Reserved for the CubeCraft owners. They have FULL power over the server.
    CubeCraft Administrators: Reserved for the CubeCraft admins.
    CubeCraft Moderators: Reserved for CubeCraft moderators.
    CubeCraft Developers: Reserved for CubeCraft developers.
    Discord Server Co-Owner: Since I created it, I'm just going to make myself the "co-owner" of the Discord server :p Don't worry staff, I will behave.
    Discord Server Moderators: The general moderators of the Discord server. I will hand pick the moderators.
    Original Chunkies: The players that come from The Chunk pre-merge. They have no more permissions than "@everyone", and their purple name is just cosmetic.
    "@everyone" Everyone else.
    Suspended: Players that have been punished for abusive behavior. They cannot text chat (but they can still see messages) or use voice chat.

    I will not disclose details about the powers of the other ranks publicly. If you manage to get a rank, then I will PM you on what you can do.

    NOTE TO STAFF: If you don't like this, please tell me and I will delete the server. If you do like this, then I will happily transfer ownership. You can then change anything you like or dislike <3

    EDIT: There is also a HTML widget you can embed in the site, if you like
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    To busy for see this all sorry :p
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    This exists!
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    HAHAH. Thanks for the message. THIS EXITS? OMG. Bye
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